Mercy said Paid

August 19, 2021


Yesterday, during the prophecy hour on
Pneuma Cathedral brother Gbenga spoke
about a debt that mercy has spoken for.
The debt was something I have resigned
myself to paying as a sort of punishment
for being foolish, I didn’t even bother
praying about it because I knew my greed
and lack of discretion landed me in the mess.
A friend of mine told me about an investment
I didn’t have the money or the means to
do it and I also didn’t have the right
information to ascertain it’s genuineness.
I was working with a bank and I had
access to a customer’s fund.
I took 45 million out of the customer’s
account and threw it into the investment.
It was a foolish and ungodly thing to do.
I was owing some little debt here and
there and I felt the investment and the
promised 150% returns in three months
could clear my debt and make me a
There are guys in my office making a lot
of money from Forex, they do not bear
the risk because they had more than
enough money to play with and so
they are all getting very rich. I just felt I
should be one of them but they wouldn’t
share the secret with some of the other
staff members including me.
My friend offered me the same deal
(she is also a banker)
I felt a strong restraint against it but
I ignored it.
I paid the money into the account number
my friend gave me and that was it.
A week later, my friend said the guys
running the investment had all left the
country and I found myself in a mess
I have three months to produce the
customer’s money
I ran to my parents and siblings and my
husband and his family
They were all afraid I would end up in jail
with my name published in newspapers
and their reputation in tatters
My daddy and siblings raised 15 million
for me, my husband and his family raise
6.3 million for me
I went to meet the customer, she is an
Olori (She is the Wife to the Oba of my
town, I was the on that brought her
school business to our bank) and I
explained the problem to her.
She collected the 21.3 million from me
and gave me six months to produce
the rest.
She was very gracious and lenient.
This was because of her husband’s
relationship with my father and other
I started putting all my salary into the debt,
but it was nothing.
I was earning 210,000 after tax!
How could that amount to 24 million in six
As at yesterday, I had only saved 410,000
and it was already the fourth month
By 9pm yesterday, the Olori sent me a
message acknowledging the receipt of a
25 million Naira deposit from me.
She counseled me to be more frugal next
time in my financial dealings and told
me she will no longer be closing the
account she has with our bank and
would be funding it with another 50
million Naira this morning.
She received the fund at about 1pm
yesterday afternoon but didn’t notify
me until about midnight.
I called her this morning to confirm the
message and thank her for her patience.
She was asking me how I was able to
raise the money in less than 5 months.
I couldn’t tell her the truth sir
(I wanted to but I just couldn’t) so
I just said “God came through for me”.
Brother Gbenga, she sent me evidence
of the deposit sir.
The account was not a regular bank
account and only me and her and some
other bank officials know the account
number and yet the money was paid
directly to that account and tagged
as “NXXX SXXXX’s loan balance!”
Sir! I couldn’t sleep all night.
I called you several times yesterday
night but it was late and you didn’t pick.
I apologize for that.
I was too excited sir.
My husband cried so much because the
debt had become a huge burden on
his neck.
The entire family is relieved.
I don’t even know what to say sir.
God is good indeed.
I joined the Pneuma Cathedral’s prophecy
hour at about 6:30 or thereabouts.
A friend sent me the link and even called
me to join.
I think the case was mentioned as soon
as I joined and I was telling myself that
my friend must have somehow sent you
a message about my case for you to be
so accurate about it.
I didn’t really believe, just took what you
said with a pinch of salt and then all
these happened.
Oh my God.
Brother Gbenga, Thank you sir.
My husband has tried to call you this
morning and so has my mother.
Please give us a time to call or to come
and see you.
Glory be to God sir!
Thank you sir

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