October 14, 2021


Title: Maranatha

Dark patches of cloudy grey matters
Unattached and slowing drifting up above
Orange light trapped beneath wanting to break out
Yet it couldn’t
For the hold of the cloud was great

Suddenly there was a loud sound like the flaps of the wings of innumerable creatures
Interferring constructively as the waves of the sound travel in the same direction
Amplified by their ethereal voices, the sky shook reverberating to the core of the earth

The sky started peeling like a scroll being rolled off
To reveal the thousands upon thousands of the Angels who were plastered in the thin wall of the sky
From all the farthest horizons the eyes could see at any point, their glory shimmered from the sky

At an instance, everything became quiet
Like a dumb man, the earth suddenly lost its voice
In a marvellous array, the angels at the center of the sky moved in a heavenly precison to usher in something or someone

Lights dispersing from this center beamed in a never unseen brilliance
And then I saw him on a white horse floated in the sky with a golden crown upon his head
The clashes of thunders and lightning were seen making a glorious sight

The angels shouted out loud in unison
And in a repetitive manner
Glory to the Lamb!
Glory to the worthy one
Glory! Glory!! Glory!!!
Holy! Holy!! Holy!!!
It’s the revelation of the Eternal King
His glory is being revealed to the Sons
As our hearts are open to him
For we are part of the family
Members of the commonwealth of Zion
Maranatha, the King comes soon!



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