Manifesting Christ

October 4, 2021


I once laid on the same bed with a lady,
I wasn’t married at the time. I met her at a
Christian gathering and she told me she
wanted to build a website to support her
business but she couldn’t put the content
of the website together
She asked if I could help, I said Yes. We
exchanged phone numbers and she called
during the week asking if she could come
and see me
I said Yes!
She came around, I was living in a two bedroom
flat at the time
I had a laptop
I had a fully furnished sitting room
I had planned that we would just conduct our
business and
that would be that
It started very well until she got a slight
headache and asked if she could lie down for
a while
I pointed to the couch in the sitting room,
she said “It was too close to the window”
She really looked distressed and I had no
option but to point to the room
Just as she was walking into the room, she
turned around and said “Can you please
come and hold my hand, I feel so helpless
right now”
I suspected nothing
I went with her and sat at the edge of the
bed while she laid down
The voices went low and my head started
experiencing a
very soft tingling sensation as she caressed
my head
I somehow ended up on the bed and my
hands swung to action in removing barriers
with alacrity
Just when the pre-match training was over
and the referee was to blow kick off
I realised that my Messi was depressed!
Don’t disgrace your ancestors here o
It had been jumping and passing the ball
throughout the pre-match session
Even my playmate commented on its
solidity but it was a no show for the main
We tried very hard
In fact I almost turned to God in prayer
to please not kill my
reputation with this lady
How would it be said in the congregation
of ladies that my Messi saw an open goal
and refused to even touch the ball!
After trying so hard, I gave up
The lady dressed up and after a while
said she was leaving
I walked her to Ketu bus-stop!
I was looking
at the possibility of a rematch or a way
to tell her to “kill me inside”(keep my secret)
and not expose me to the world but
I didn’t know how to word it.
She suddenly turned to me and said
“I have HIV. I was raped somewhere in
Oshodi two years ago and that was how
I got it. I had sworn to infect as many
people as I can with it in my lifetime.
Maybe you should go back now and stop
following me.”
The words didn’t sink in immediately for
many reasons but it finally did after I had
walked her to the bus stop where she
boarded a bus to Ikeja.
This was 2009.
The lady’s name was Bidemi, she died of
complications due to AIDS two years later
I came across our old emails some hours
ago and I started crying
God loves me!
He loves me in such a manner that many
mortals cannot comprehend, he wouldn’t
even suffer my foot to slip or to be
dashed against a stone.
Several times before I gave my life to Jesus,
God rescued me from destruction
During the cultists vs. Indigenes clash in
Eruwa, in the early 2000s, I was a UI student
who went to check his babe that was caught
in the cross fire
I could have been shot dead
or burnt alive like many others
A man came out of nowhere and said “Why
are you beating my son, leave him alone.
This old man called himself “Baba Abiye
and rescued me from angry indigenes
who couldn’t tell the difference between
cultists who came from other schools to
kill in their town and a foolish boy whose
parents sent to UI but who chased skirt
to Eruwa.
My life was preserved in Oshogbo in 2003
I went to see a friend, Kazeem at Terminus
area and a bus came out of nowhere and
hit me with full force!
I flew up in the air and landed on my feet like
Iron Man in an Avenger movie!
It was as if I was cocooned by a balloon
and couldn’t be touched.
I had no injury whatsoever
Even I couldn’t explain it.
After I gave my life to Jesus in 2007, the
near-death experiences stopped until the
Messi’s mess up I described above!
I have seen God turn my seemingly ordinary
life into a glorious one.
Nobody who knew me five years ago could
recognise me now
Everything about me was transformed by
the Holy Spirit in such a manner that I
cannot explain
It suddenly dawned on me that He
preserved me because He has a
purpose for my life
I am fulfilling that purpose today
Armed robbers beat the hell out of me
at 21, even broke my jaw but didn’t shoot
me even when I had attacked one of them
foolishly and deserved to be killed.
The love of Jesus is a sweet testimony in
my mouth! No one has lived such a
wonderful life I live now without His
presence and power.
I have seen the dead rise and many sick
people restored to good health in this
my short life
I have seen destinies transformed and
glories rise into greatness out of obscurity
I have seen grace speak and heard mercy
I have experienced the kind of miracles
that made people put pictures of some
Men of God on their signboards
I am surrounded by His Glory at every
level and many call my mother blessed
because of me
What Jesus has done with my life kept
me awake all night as I prayed and
sang glorious songs to His Holy Name.
If you don’t yet know Jesus, or if you
know Him and you have not experienced
His transforming life, please send me a
DM or a message on 08072744871 WhatsApp!
You can check out to see
the exploits in pictures, video and
writing that God is doing through us all over
the world as we grow in the knowledge
of Christ
Today I am manifesting Christ and so are my
We are all manifesting His Glory!
This above all is my joy.
My sisters are opening blind eyes and my
brothers are raising the dead
Our fellowship is vibrant and we don’t have
any church politics to deal with!
Glory be to God
We are the prolongment
Of the days of Christ upon the face of the earth!

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