Make Room

January 21, 2021


How do you think Obed Edom felt
when King David insisted on moving
the Ark of the covenant out of his
house to a central place where it
would benefit the whole of Israel?
How do you think the people around
Obed Edom felt?
What do you think Obed Edom’s wife
and children said to their father
If you were Obed Edom, how would
you feel?
You were born without much in terms
of money and property
Your family house was located in
Jabesh Gilead (The outskirts of Israel
sharing boundaries with the land of the
The Ark came to you by sheer
It was captured in battle by the
Philistines and taken to their land
The Philistines placed the Ark in
the House of dagon, their god
The Ark visited the land of the
Philistines with great wrath and
The Ark also broke dagon to pieces
The philistines went to consult the
their elders to know what the cause
of the plague visiting their land was
Everything pointed at the Ark
The Philistines placed the Ark on a
cart driven by a cow that just delivered
new babies
The instinct of a mother was to feed
her children after giving birth to them
The breast becomes heavy with milk
and this is often very uncomfortable
for the mother if the calves don’t suckle
The cattle didn’t think of the young ones
Without a guide, it moved the Ark
straight to Israel as if controlled by
The Israelites saw it and were excited
Arrangements were made to move the
Ark back to the temple in Shiloh
While the Philistines can be pardoned
for their ignorance in how they handled
the Ark, God expected better from the
The Ark was their inheritance, their
piece of Heaven on earth and they
were given adequate instructions on
how to handle it
The inevitable happened
The Ox pulling the cart upon which
the Ark sat stumbled
The ark almost fell off the cart
Uzzah instinctively reached out to
steady the Ark and he was struck
dead for his irreverence
Just like that!
David realized God was unhappy
with them
He decided they must wait and
see why
This was how the Ark ended up
in the House of Obed Edom
The Ark had visited the philistines
with vengeance and struck Uzzah
dead but in the House of Obed Edom
it commanded great wealth for his host
Within three months, Obed Edom
became very wealthy
When the news got to David, he
didn’t say “It seemed the Ark is
being well cared for by Obed Edom,
let us convert his house to the temple
and leave the Ark with him”
Obed Edom took all the risk, brought
a strange presence into his house
and exposed his family to its power
They could have taken one wrong
step and died for it
He bore all the risk and yet,
King David made preparations to
move the Ark away from his house
in a jiffy
If you are in Obed Edom’s shoes,
how would you feel?
In the book of Judges 17, a young
Levite named Micah stole eleven
hundred shekels from his mother
His mother was very distraught by
the loss and cursed whoever stole
the money
Micah repented and restored the
money to his mother
His mother decided the money
would be dedicated to God
She added 900 shekels to the
eleven hundred that was stolen and
gave it to the blacksmith to make an
idol for her
This idol and others were placed in
Micah’s care
Michah consecrated one of his sons
and made him a priest to care for
these idols
A young priest from Bethlehemjudah
traveled down to Michah’s house and
Michah made him his household priest
A few years later the tribe of Dan
discovered that Michah had a household
full of idols which has its own dedicated
They couldn’t believe it
How can one man keep God to himself
without sharing?
The children of Dan took all the idols
and the priest away from Michah
Michah protested and the children of
Dan told him they would kill him if he
does not shut up and walk away
Michah saw that they were too strong
for him and he left them alone
Jesus told the disciples to stay in
Jerusalem until the Holy Ghost was
given to them but he also instructed that
they should spread to Judea and
Samaria and all over the world
It started as Jesus told them it would
on the day of Pentecost
They received power but they stayed
put in Jerusalem because Jerusalem
was their comfort zone
Just as it happened with Obed Edom
and Michah, what was meant for the
whole world cannot be kept in a
household or in a tribe
As a young minister of the gospel,
I worked with a pastor who tacitly
discouraged church growth
She insisted she didn’t want a crowd
She wanted the church to be like a
family church
She would discourage evangelism but
encourage events within the church
members so that church members
could bond
One day I saw a vision, candlelight
was burning in a small room, suddenly
the light started shining brighter and
brighter until it overwhelmed the room
and i couldn’t see the room again
I went to the pastor and told her that
the Holy Spirit is not meant to be an
idol worshipped by a few
His light was meant to shine through
us to the whole world
If indeed you have the power of the
Holy Spirit, you cannot and will not
want to keep him as a household
Religion would encourage that but
the Holy Spirit is not to be
Perhaps i was too young and didn’t
use the right words, the pastor
dismissed my words
Within three months the church she
kept as a family church scattered
Members suddenly became
discontented and they started leaving
one by one
A few months later, this pastor was
withdrawn and another pastor was sent
to the church
The new pastor understood what had
to be done and the church grew
“In the city of Ephesus, so mightily
grew the WORD of God and it
prevailed – Acts 19:20
Where the word of God and the Holy
Spirit are the driving force of a ministry
or a church, growth is evident
The prophet told the widow to borrow
many vessels for the oil to pour into
It is never about the size of the oil,
it is always about the availability of
the vessels to pour the oil in
The moment the widow’s son said
“There are no more vessels” the oil
stopped flowing
A wise minister of the gospel does
not say enough when it comes to
the move of the Holy Spirit and the
opportunity to win souls and birth
You must never settle
You must make room
Unwise people will say “Why is that
G.O building a bigger auditorium,
why is that church building a bigger
space, where will they get people
to fill the space. The money should
have been given to the poor, why
are they not contented…”
The wise will say “Enlarge, expand,
If an entity is not growing, it is dying
grow, expand, do more for the spread
of the gospel daily
Imagine Apostle Paul stopping at
Rome, or Ephesus, or Laodicea, or
Corinth or Macedonia or Berea
Imagine the preachers of the gospel
stopping just before they got to you
We must continue to break fallow
grounds, enlarge the place of our
tents, make more room for the
Holy Spirit to express his love and
stay in fellowship with His people.
The Holy Spirit has never said Enough
since the day of Pentecost, He
continues to marshall and prepare
the church and He will do this until
Jesus returns.
Work with Him, not with sentiments
Remember…It is not about YOU

PS: In response to the Covid-19
crisis and in order to provide an
opportunity for many to stay in
fellowship while they keep away
from large gatherings GSWMI will
be starting online Sunday services
The first service will hold from
5AM – 6AM on Sunday Mornings
This will afford those who join
us online to also attend physical
services or the online service of
their local churches
The second service is from
9 AM-11 AM
This service will be our healing and
miracle services which will keep
everyone in the fellowship of the
Holy Spirit.
The services are not an attempt by
the ministry to poach members from
local churches or discourage people
from attending local churches
GSWMI as a ministry is not built
around people’s offerings and tithes
The local assemblies that has hosted
our meetings had always kept 100%
of the proceeds realized from our
All we are doing is ensure that the
unchurched, the new converts and
those in circumstances where they
cannot be in church will not be
excluded from fellowship
Our mandate is to make room for all
to be in fellowship
The inaugural service will hold this
Sunday, the link is hereby posted below.
GSWMI is inviting you to its Inaugural
Super Sunday Ministration
When: Jan 24, 2021 09:00 AM West
Central Africa
Topic: GSWMI Super Sunday
Ministration: Healing and Miracle
Service 2021
Please click the link below to join
the webinar:
Webinar ID: 899 8385 1136

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