Love, Lust and Games

August 18, 2021


People can demonize good things because they made foolish decisions and got burned.
Joke Silver married Olu Jacobs, he was not a predator and she was not a young lady trying to use an older guy to live baby girl life
Their marriage is a good example to us all Air Vice Admiral Osho married Olufunmilayo Osho at the age of 41, she was 22! They have been married for 33 years and their four children are already established professionals in their fields of endeavour!
But let us listen to “bitter” rants and claim older men are predators
If you date an older guy for his money and he, in turn, takes advantage of you in other ways and dumped you for another young girl, don’t come and cry victim
Your motive placed you where you are
You wanted a made guy, you should have bought a doll and dressed it up and call it man
That a man is older than a lady and approaches such for a relationship is actually normal, ladies know this and most of them won’t marry their age mates for that reason.
A study shows that many women are five years smarter than their male age mates and therefore can only date men who are at least five years older than them without feeling like they are condescending or dating their younger brother
That one girl wrote a thread full of emotion without concrete facts does not make dating and marrying older men an evil thing.
Do not turn logic on its head
However, if you’re with a sugar daddy (even if he is not married) the dynamics of your relationship already categorizes you as a slut
He will use you that way because you are using him to meet your needs too
Don’t then come here and claim “relationship” and cry foul!
You’re both using each other to meet an end.
If you’re too young to understand that Sugar daddies do not “love” but they only “use”, learn that now
Just the way you’re using such men, they are using you too and if you fall in love and get clingy, you will be replaced
The first thing to learn Is the rule of the game.
If you’re too young to learn it, don’t play.
When a man meets a woman that he wants to marry and the love is genuine, age is nothing.
I have seen a lot of wonderful marriages in which the husband is 10, 15, 20 years older than the wife and they have a great home
I have equally seen age-mates getting married and experiencing no peace.
A wife called me yesterday explaining that her husband has not eaten her food for a year and that he demarcated their bed with a pillow!
They are both 34 years old!
So pls, do things right or shut Up
There is a way to prepare yourself for your future
You go to school to prepare your mind, you walk with the Holy Spirit to train your Human Spirit and when it comes to relationships, you ensure that you mature and know what you want out of life
If you’re a side chick don’t expect to get the benefits of a wife
If you are an unbeliever, don’t claim all of us are children of God and you have equal rights with me!
We are not the same!
You cannot walk boldly into realms where I rule and reign in!
So quit complaining and do better.

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