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January 16, 2024


The Lord will often give you instructions without giving you the funds or the means to carry them out. This is because God’s word and name are more than currency.

I remember watching ‘Game of Thrones’ and seeing how Tyrion Lannister would trade on the Lannister’s name with individuals and tribes from across the world with the statement, “A Lannister always pays his debt.”

I remember watching Jamie Lannister live up to this ethos with Brienne of Tarth by making her a knight. It taught me a whole lot about the efficacy of the name of Jesus and the currency that comes with divine instruction.

There are people who didn’t receive a divine mandate to carry out an assignment, I can testify to this. When I was a pastor, I suffered a lot in terms of how my life turned out at the time and my inability to fulfill my potential as a person

I always wondered why some people who were obviously not as gifted or anointed as I was prospered as pastors (not only financially but also in ministry generally) while I languished in lack and need.

When I resigned from pastoring, things changed. I remember telling my then parish pastor that I was not called to be a pastor, he laughed and said to me “When Jesus said, Go Ye into the world to preach the gospel, who do you think he was talking to? He was talking to you, he was calling you, that was your call to be a pastor.”

I had no arguments at the time as what he said made a lot of sense but in practice, I was swimming against the tide.

It pays to hear from the Lord and follow His instructions willingly, in that obedience lies the resources needed to accomplish the task he has given you without stress.

It was the Lord who told me to take care of his wives in November 2020. By His wives, he meant The Widows! I remember sister Modupe, was the first person I spoke to about the vision I had. She was a young unmarried woman who had her own NGO which caters to the needs of single ladies from all over the world. I wanted to hear from her how she was able to gather these ladies and perhaps see if I could use it as a template to gather widows and ease their burdens however I could.

Sister Modupe offered to help me and she did.

She devised a structure or a template upon which the vision could become a reality. The only challenge I had after then was how to execute the vision.

I reached out on Twitter and asked widows and those who had widows in their sphere of influence (destitute widows) to reach out to me.

People reached out, including a lot of scammers.

I needed a seasoned financial expert who was full of the Holy Spirit and who understood the vision to help with the administrative aspect of the vision.

The Lord asked me to call Sister Iyabo Oladapo, a chartered accountant and a young widow to help out. I reached out to her and she said the Lord had been nudging her in that direction too.

She took over the reins of the widows’ ministry and ensured that it was registered as an independent ministry with its own bank accounts and board of directors.

I gave them seed money to start off and I took my eyes and hands off the ministry completely. I check the accounts monthly to ensure it is healthy but I did not get involved in who gets what and the day-to-day running of the ministry.

The Ministry has been in existence now for three years and widows have received help in the form of monthly stipends paid into their accounts, businesses established for them, relief materials, and school fees of their children, we even went to their houses and repaired many with issues regarding window nets, doors, roofing and so on.

We gave out sewing machines. did a lot of entrepreneurial and small business training skills acquisitions (All free of charge) and then gave widows the cash to start off.

I cannot say exactly the number of destinies we have touched because it goes way beyond statistics but I can say we have hundreds of widows who have benefitted from the ministry financially in the last three years.

Every December, we gather the widows for a physical meeting, carry out medical check-ups, pray with them, set them on course for the future, and give them special packages in terms of clothes, food, and money to celebrate the Christmas season.

They are His wives and they have a right to enjoy special blessings during His “Birthday.”

We do this alongside the GSWMI Annual Christmas Carol Service.

The carol service is special We hold an open altar during the service in which we speak into the coming year and days by the Spirit. We frame our eons by the word of his power and whatever we declare in Christ is the reality we walk into as we step out of the service.

The GSWMI Widows ministry has thrived over the years Like I said earlier, if the Lord commands a thing, all you have to do is obey. He is a keeper and His visions are never a burden unto you.

The annual GSWMI Christmas carol held at RCCG The Lord’s Chapel, Gbagada. It was glorious. We will be heading to Pneuma City in Oyo State for the cross-over service.

By the way, the GSWMI Blissful Homes fellowship is organizing a weekend hangout for couples (Husbands and wives) from the 29th to the 30th of December 2023.

I have contributed to the event financially.

Couples will go there and carry belle at a three-star Hotel (They want to do eiiiiiiiii, owuiiiiiiiiii, aouieeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Dont Stop!!! I YAM COOOOMINNNNNNNGGGGG, ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, diiiiiiiiiippppppppppeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr, to close the year and I highly encourage it.

There are couples who have been so swamped with work and other obligations all year and sincerely deserve this break to be together and sleep in while being pampered by others.

Come and help us spend our money as we provide you with the best weekend getaway treats at Landmark Beach and other venues in Lagos. You will register with a token but The Blissful Home Ministry is capable of whatever your needs may be as long as it keeps your marriage healthy and fit)

There will be counseling, therapy sessions, bonding, and a lot of lovemaking is expected to happen at the event, if you want to register as a couple, please reach out to me in my DM or Minister Omotayo Ndakson. @omoteedavies

Couples from every religion are invited. If singles register, they will hear things that will make their bodies begin to do them one kind, so it is highly advisable for singles to stay away however, very mature singles and their partners are encouraged to register and attend the event.

PS: If the Lord has given you instructions to support widows or our widows ministry, please do so financially by this account no 0642371178 GT Bank, Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo Widows Ministry.

Those who have supported us from the beginning remained faithful because they saw the benefit of being executors of His divine Instruction We are after all the body and He is the Spirit at work in us.


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