Lori Iro

May 15, 2021


In less than a week that she met
this guy he was asking for marriage.
She asked questions to get to know
him better. He was always
uncomfortable about her inquisitive
His story was that his wife left him with
their only child two years ago.
His wife relocated to the UK.
According to him, eye witness told him
she had even remarried and was heavily
pregnant as at then. So he wanted to
move on with his life too hence the hurry.
The story did not add up.
Why did she leave?
Why did he not go after her?
She still did not buy it.
She decided to play along knowing the
truth will be revealed before long.
She requested to see his facebook page.
He made a big deal over this insisting
that he is inactive on social media.
He even claimed he had been away
from Facebook since his wife abandoned
The Lagos lockdown was declared.
He told her his mother was ill and that
he needed to go see his mother before
he got stranded in Lagos due to the
She was not convinced but she still
played along.
He came to work in Lagos and told
her he was planning to relocate from
Abuja to settle in Lagos
Her walk with the Holy Spirit had
taught her to be patient and
spiritually alert whenever she sensed
anything whether bad or good.
She knows the Holy Spirit will unravel
all his lies and the mystery surrounding
this guy sooner than expected.
He reduced his communication when
he got to Abuja.
He did not pick her call as often as
he used to and he only call at certain
times he claimed was convenient for him.
His reason was that he did not want
his mum to know he had started seeing
The third day after he got to Abuja she
saw in a vision a fair lady with the guy.
They both went into a restaurant where
she was waiting for him.
He ignored her and clung to the fair lady.
She stood there staring at them till they
left the restaurant.
She could neither laugh nor cry.
She told him about the vision.
He waved it off as fear of losing him
to another lady.
Few days after the revelation, she
could not reach him neither on call
or text.
The following day the text delivered.
Almost immediately a lady called
saying she received a text message
from her. She was confused.
She didn’t text any lady.
They both agreed it must have been
a mix up.
She checked the number of the lady on
truecaller app and saved it.
She checked the number’s display
picture on WhatsApp.
To her surprise it was the fair lady in
her vision.
The fair lady with the guy.
She felt so sad and relieved at the same
The guy had not replied her call and
text since the previous day.
She sent another message telling him
his wife called her.
She knew that will attract his attention.
As predicted he called immediately to
ask what his wife said.
She refused to tell him but instead
asked him why he lied about his
marital status.
His explanation was that the wife
came back two days ago and he had
been thinking of how to tell her.
Hmmmm! Lori iro! (On lies!)
His game was up they both knew.
However she dislike his audacity to
deceive her as such.
He later allowed her see his Facebook
His news feed was full of recent

activities with tags of his wife.
He begged her not to leave him.
She wondered what she would be
staying for.
She stopped picking his calls and
responding to his chats.
He got the message and left.

John 16:13 NKJV says;
“However, when He, the Spirit of
truth, has come, He will guide you
into all truth; for He will not speak
on His own authority, but whatever
He hears He will speak; and
He will tell you things to come.”

Abike, 2021

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