Living Bread

April 9, 2021


My earthly mother gave birth to me in his world
Darkness so thick and concrete you could touch
Smell so purgent but a delight to my soul
He bound us to a pale leash of death.

Sworn to secrecy to put the whole earth on
my lap, but I only got a bag of dirt.
He promised to gift me an entire plantation
but I only got a tree.

A liar, a stealer, a destroyer
His words could not be kept.

Then I met him clothed in majestic light
My head bowed in the presence of his glory
My heart danced and grinned in expectations
He broke the leash of death and gifted me
the freedom of life.

He didn’t give me the earth, but the universe
Placed on my small palms
He didn’t give me a plantation, but all the
trees in the world
For the earth is His, and his glory

Thank you bread of life.

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