Lesi’s Serenade

June 20, 2022


My family is pretty close-knit
and overall we have more men
than women. I grew up around guys;
proper guy men. I would see
the effort they would put into
going after women. They would listen
to backstreet boys,Celine Dion,Nsync
and the likes, before putting pen
to paper. I was usually the
one to deliver the letters.
I was always with them in the
war room while they schemed on
how to win the next conquest. I saw
the ladies see pepper. They would
lure them with words and when
they were satisfied, they would break
them down again with words.

Words became meaningless to me
because all I saw was how words
were used as a tool for manipulation
and selfish gains. I also thought
girls were generally stupid and
I think somewhere in my head, I hated
that I was female. I considered
vulnerability as a weakness.

It affected me greatly because
I didn’t know what to do with
my emotions so I would ignore them.
I didn’t know how to express my
emotions. I deliberately built walls
so no one could make it close
enough to hurt me.

Nobody can imagine what @inalemma used
his eyes to see when we started dating.
I became concerned for him
when he kept coming back over
and over again in spite of how
I treated him. Always saying,
‘I have chosen you and I am going to
love you whether you like it or not’.

He was determined to treat me
differently and was persistent with
his intentions too. He began to read
me the stories from @GbengaWemimo
at night as my bedtime stories.
It was enough for a while, then
I asked him to point me to the
source of the stories.

I found the website and devoured
the stories. I have learnt a lot and
grown too. Most importantly, the
Holy Spirit has worked on my heart
and I am better for it.
Our relationship is better for it.

Happy Birthday my Superman!
Thank you for being persistent in
showing me that you love me
whether I like it or not.
The world isn’t ready
for the things God will do
through you in this new year.


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