Led to The Word

August 3, 2021


Brother Gbenga, during the prophecy hour yesterday
something happened to my younger brother
He had been at home for several months suffering
from mental health issues (Psychosis).
He was actually a student of Further Mathematics at
a federal University
I put a phone in his room during the service, at a
point he started screaming and my father said the
radio waves were disturbing him
My father almost slapped me.
He said my brother had been peaceful until i
disturbed his peace
We all sat in the sitting room waiting for that spell to
pass, it eventually stopped at about 10pm
This morning, my brother was the one that woke
us all up at 5 AM
He had his Bible and he was reading a Psalm
and laughing
He said “The voice on the phone told me to read
this Psalm, that was what i was hearing all night,
I took my bible and read it and suddenly I feel
something leaving my body and suddenly, i
was fine”
We have been observing him all day
His doctors had also been around
They said we should watch it and that he must
continue to take his drugs but sir, he is normal!
He asked for my mother, (He was sick when she
died and had never remembered her or spoken
of her) but today he just said “Mummy is gone
right, she had gone to be with the Lord, I will
make her proud”
My daddy wants to meet with you sir, he has
written a list of things to discuss with you, he
had also been crying and having long conversations
with my brother all day
He even allowed my brother to drive him to
a friends house and they both came back
singing a hymn
My Daddy is a Reverend sir, sorry i didn’t mention
I am so happy.
When can we see you sir?

PS: This testimony came in on 01/08/2021
after the monthly Night of Glory service
held online
There is nothing impossible for God to do

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