Killing Sacred Cows 2

March 29, 2021


The first indication that “Village People”
had gotten involved in his case were
the persistent dreams he had immediately
after buying his ticket to travel home for
the Christmas holidays
He had spent four years in Spain
He left his home country for Spain
to find greener pastures and he did
Even though he went to Spain as a
student, he met a lady in his class who
had a good head for business
The lady approached him all by
herself saying she had been carrying
out some studies and had discovered
that she could make a healthy profit
by exporting cars to his country
The lady wanted top know if he had
anybody in Africa he trusted who
could clear and sell the cars and return
her investment to her with a tidy profit
He told the lady he was traveling home
They had been in class together for
‘some time and she had seen how
honest he was
He had found some money in the
bathroom of the club where he worked
as a barman/cleaner and returned the
money to the amazement of all the
He had proven himself to be an honest
The lady was overjoyed to hear that he ‘
could handle the shipping, clearing and
sale of the vehicles on her behalf
They proceeded to buy the vehicles
and ship them with her life savings
Two weeks after the cargo left Spain,
he was to traveled home to see his
family and take care of the business
The moment he bought the ticket,
an ominous feeling came all over him
It was like a premonition of woe
This was followed by a series of strange
He called his wife at home and shared
the experiences with her
His wife started fasting and praying
Rebuking and dismantling the schemes
of the enemy
Two weeks before he left Spain, a
prophetess met his
wife on the road and told her she saw
danger in the nearest future in a matter
relating to her husband
THe prophetess told his wife to fast for
21 days until he go home safely
He got on a plane and arrived in his
country safely
One his way to Ibadan from Lagos,
the vehicle they took from the airport
suddenly veered off the road and
somersaulted six times
They had no vehicles before or behind
The driver was not speeding
None of them could explain the strange
wind that carried the car
Somehow they got to Ibadan in one piece
As soon as they got home
Before he even took a seat to see the
faces of his children who had been
waiting eagerly to hug him, his father
arrived at their flat
(Because of the “Village people” palaver,
they deliberately didn’t inform anybody
that he would be coming home)
How his father knew he had returned
home was a mystery to them
His father waited until some of their
neighbours and friends left the house
His father called him aside and said
“We have to go to Lagos immediately,
you offended someone in Lagos
before you traveled.
This woman had sworn that you will
not live to see the end of this year”
His father described the lady
She was a woman whose daughter
he met in Spain
The daughter was into some shady
businesses which he didn’t know
anything about
One day he got home from school
and found a strange bag in his house,
he didn’t bother checking the
content before calling the police
He was living alone and he didn’t give
his key to anybody
He didn’t want to end up in jail
The police took the bag away and
their investigation led them to the lady’s
The bag was full of prescription pills
The lady was deported two weeks
Since then he had been getting calls
from all sorts of strangers raining
curses and abuses on him and
promising him that he wouldn’t prosper
He didn’t know they traced his relatives
and were issuing threats
He explained what happened to his
His father asked him what
they could do to appease the woman
He told his father he was not going to
appease anybody because he didn’t
offend anybody
His father told him life was not that
He told his father he didn’t have
enough to appease anybody
The job he did in Spain was only to
keep body and soul together
(He didn’t mention the cars and the
business because it wasn’t his and
he wouldn’t want to give his father
the wrong impression)
His father returned to the village
that day
He kept a low profile
The cars arrived at the port and he
sold some of them in order to raise
the capital to clear the others
In all, he was able to clear twenty
out of thirty cars
He got buyers for sixteen of the cars
and raised the Spanish lady’s capital
‘and profit
He sent it to her immediately
He kept the other cars as his own profit
On Christmas day, he bought a ram,
dressed his children in fine clothes
and drove his family to his village to
celebrate with his family
It was a surprise celebration
Apart from his immediate parents, his
return had been kept at a hush
because his parents were afraid of
the lady making threats in Lagos
and didn’t
want the news of his return to incite
the lady in any way
The Christmas party was an
opportunity for him to see his
younger siblings and their families
The party was a success
They spent Christmas day and boxing
day in the village
They set out for Ibadan very early on
the morning of December 27th
When they got to Ojoo, a commercial
bus came out of nowhere and hit his car
It became a scuffle
A police officer arrived at the scene
and insisted both drivers must follow
him to the police station
When they got to the police station,
one of the police officers
took a look at him and swore he was
an escaped convict the police had
been searching for at Ado Ekiti
He presented his documents to
prove otherwise but the officer
insisted and instructed that he had
to be remanded in custody
It was a case of mistaken Identity
Everybody said it was not a big deal
By the time his wife got to the
police station the next day, he had
been transferred to a bigger police
station and the case had been
placed on the table of the commissioner
of police
All the police officers his wife spoke
with started demanding for some
money (bribe) in order to help her
It was absurd
His wife refused to give them anything
because she knew they just wanted
to take advantage of her desperation
Three days later, the police arrived
at their house with a search warrant
They saw the cars and said it was
proof that he was an armed robber
She had assumed
it was a simple case but after three
weeks of back and forth, she went
to the village to inform his people
His father followed her back to Ibadan
They met some other influential people
They wanted to know what can be
done to get him out of the mess
People listened and told them all sorts
of stories
Many made promises
Somebody told the wife it was a spiritual
She went to see the prophetess that
told her about the danger ahead
before he left Spain
The prophetess did some things for
them but they didn’t work
His father also went for consultations
it was a wild goose chase
Village people had prevailed
His destiny had been truncated
Somebody said it was an arrow from
the village because he went to kill a
ram and announce that he was rich
Another person said it was from the
lady in Lagos
Nobody could proffer the solution
He had cried and lamented in jail for
almost two months when they
brought in a pastor
The pastor was accused of embezzlement
by his church members and arrested by
the police at the insistence of the head
of the Men’s group of the church who
was a very influential man
The pastor was unperturbed by the
accusation or situation
He started talking to the inmates one by
one and praying with them
He was extremely confident and joyful in
a strange way
When the pastor got to him, he told the
pastor everything
The pastor told him he was suffering
because he does
not belong to the Lord
They joined their hands and prayed
The pastor led him to Christ
He became born again in the jail
He also got filled with the Holy Ghost
He prayed with the pastor all night,
crying profusely as the tension eased
out of his system and joy took him over
The next day, by 2pm, the DPO arrived
with his case file
They had arrested the real criminal in
a hotel at Alakia overnight
The DPO remembered the name
immediately and drove to the office of
the commissioner himself that morning
to retrieve the untreated file
By 2npm, he was out of the jail
He didn’t spend a kobo for bail
The police DPO apologized and the
officer that arrested him was strongly
reprimanded in his presence
He went home full of joy

PS: This event happened in Ibadan,
Oyo State
You can read this testimony and claim
“Village people” are at work
If you do so you will be right but
notice that they could only manipulate
the destiny of this man when he was
also an unbeliever like them
The moment he became a believer,
his reality and circumstances changed
The Pastor could also claim he was
thrown into jail by village people but
that will be wrong
He was sent into the cell as an agent
of light to liberate those in darkness
(The pastor didn’t spend up to 24
hours in the cell before he got bailed
The alleged accusations against him
did not stick
When he was leaving the police station
all the police officers asked him to
pray with them.)
If village people are attacking you as
a believer, you must examine your faith
It is very likely you have strayed from
the light and darkness has begun to
lay claim over you
Remember also that it is always unto us
according to our faith
If you believe the wrong things, you will
experience the wrong things
But if you are in Christ, led by the Holy
Spirit, darkness cannot make a demand
of you because you belong to the realm
that is far above principalities and powers

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