Keeping Vanity

March 23, 2021


She insisted she did everything
she did for love
She said “If i was as wicked as many
are claiming now, I could have used
the opportunities I have to help myself,
to make some money, to travel abroad,
to achieve great feats but I didn’t.
All I did was defend my territory, all I
did was protect my turf from being
invaded by strangers
All I did was fight to keep what was
She was in her later fifties when her
children dragged her to the office of
the brother in Jeans and T-shirt.
She had five children, four boys and
one girl
Her first son, 43, had been married for
13 years without a child, her second
son 40, had been married for 15 years
without a child, her third child 38, had
been married for 10 years without a
child, her only daughter 36, was not
married and the last child 34 had
been married for two years without a
The children had called a meeting at
the beginning of that year among
themselves wondering how they had
all been struggling to move forward
in life generally and specifically in the
area of childbearing
How can a mother have five children
and none of the children was able
to start a family
They decided to fast and pray
They needed a revelation and a
On the third day of their fast, they all
had a similar revelation
They saw a pregnant woman, lying in a
pool of blood, calling their mother’s
name and cursing their mother’s children
with bareness and all sorts of maladies
before life drained out of her
It was strange for two people to have
the same revelation of the night at the
same time but four of them had this
revelation and could describe the details
The only one of them who didn’t have
the revelation that night was
accosted by a pregnant woman on her
way home from her office on the evening
of the same day
The woman walked up to her and said
“Lady, you desire to be pregnant, to
carry a baby! You’re praying for the fruit
of the womb but the blood and cry of
the innocent will not allow you and
your brothers to hear the patter of little
feet in your home. Too much blood, too
much wickedness, too much evil!
You need to talk to your mother!”
Later that evening during their 9 pm
prayers over the phone, the oldest
brother shared the revelation and they
were all struck by fear.
They decided to had to see their mother
and find out how she was involved in
their plight
The travelled to their mother’s location
the following Friday and told their mother
what they had seen, they begged their
mother to shed some light on the issue
Their mother smiled and said
she didn’t know anything about their
The children were shocked
Their father died at the age of fifty and
only witnessed the wedding ceremony of
the second son, so he was in no position
to answer their questions
Their mother had decided not to say a
word (They were sure
she knew so much more than she was
claiming to know)
So they decided they would all abandon
her because she was a witch
She was working with the sanitation
department in her state as a street
cleaner at the time
She was earning some money but they
supported her with a stipend every
After three months, she called her
first son and told him he should hold
himself and his siblings responsible for
anything that happened to them from
that day as a result of their silent
The children called for another meeting
and traveled down to meet with her
This time they tricked her that they
wanted to take her somewhere for
medical treatment and brought her to
the office of the brother in Jeans and
They were convinced once their mother
confesses to witchcraft everything
would be resolved and they would be
able to move on to the next level of
fulfillment in life
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt berated
them for their tactics, he found it
He met their mother and apologized to
her on behalf of her children
Then he told the mother why the children
did what they did
They had been
provoked to wrath
He asked the family to join their hands
He joined his hands with them and
prayed for unity and a turnaround
As soon as they finished praying, their
mother started to cry
She said she did what she did for love
What did she do?
She heard from a friend
that her late husband had married a
second wife secretly and that the
woman was pregnant
She couldn’t believe her husband
would betray her that way
They started with nothing and were
still struggling to make ends meet
She confronted her husband with
the facts she had gathered and
her husband told her that was the
instruction he got from one of the
spiritualists he went to for spiritual
Her husband said the spiritualist told
him that until another woman delivered
a child for him, he would never have a
breakthrough in life
She couldn’t just make sense of it
They were so poor that their children
had to hawk groundnut and palm oil
# every day for her to put food on the
The children were practically wearing
rags to school and in all that the little
he was making from his waste disposal
business was being shared with
another woman somewhere
How does that make any sense?
Her husband had always been one of
those people who would rather work
for today while believing in sudden
wealth for the future
He always wanted to be rich but he
was neither prepared nor equipped
for it
She knew all about his spiritual
consultations with all sorts of people
all in the name of making money but
the one thing she didn’t see coming
was another wife with children
From the moment she confirmed that
fact from her husband, she became
It was the one thing she couldn’t
accept for what it was
She didn’t bargain for poverty but she
had accepted it with hope but accepting
the other woman was too much for her
to take
She found her own spiritualist and
explained her dilemma
The spiritualist gave her options and
she chose the one she felt would teach
her husband never to take her for
granted again
She was given an enchanted doll made
in the shape of a pregnant woman with
She followed the instructions and
threw the doll into the fire she was
using to make dinner for the family
Three weeks later, the other wife died
Seven months later
her husband fell sick and died too
When she returned to the spiritualist to
ask why her husband died, she was
told she shouldn’t have thrown it into
the fire within the household
She should have followed the instruction
given to her and journey far into the
bush to start th fire
she would use
By burning the enchanted doll under a
roof, all those under that roof had
become afflicted
That was their mother’s secret
She said she had done everything within
her power to correct the wrong that was
done but it was all to no avail
The children, hearing the story
for the first time started to cry and lament
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt just laughed
He said, “Wow, I thought you guys were all
born again, Holy Ghost-filled habitations
of God”
The children nodded
“Why are you crying and lamenting,”
He asked them
They just looked at him…
James 1: 22 Do not merely listen to the
word, and so deceive yourselves.
Do what it says. 23 Anyone who listens
to the word but does not do what it
says is like someone who looks at his
face in a mirror 24 and, after looking
at himself, goes away and immediately
forgets what he looks like.
25 But whoever looks intently into
the perfect law that gives freedom,
and continues in it—not forgetting
what they have heard, but doing it—
they will be blessed in what they do.”
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt said
“You guys are oscillating between
your human reality and your reality
in Christ
You have to choose a side and stay in it
The day you gave your life to Christ, you
walked out of darkness into the light, if
this is the truth, then walk in the light!
Darkness cannot have a hold on the light
There can be no accord between light
and darkness.
You have given the devil a foothold in
your light by walking in the flesh after
yielding your life to Jesus and getting
filled with the Holy Spirit
You have to renew your mind and walk
away from this wrong mindset”
The oldest son, who also happens to be
a pastor said “How do we do this sir”
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt said
“Your mother just told a fantastic story
that directly affects your human spirit.
The Bible also told us the story of
salvation in Jesus that directly affects
your reality in Christ
Which of these stories would
you believe and walk in with conviction
The Oldest son said “The story of
my salvation in Christ”
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt asked
the other children the same question
They all said they would rather
believe the truth of the gospel and its
eternal salvation
They prayed for
some days together via a phone call
where they read the scripture and
prayed in the spirit
Three months later, the first three
brothers recorded pregnancy in their
marriages for the first time
The first of baby was born on the
23rd March, 2019 and named “Jabez”
His birth was
followed by other births and a wedding
for the only daughter in April 2020.
The entire family’s reality was turned
around by the understanding of their
realities in the light and the right
fellowship that nurtured the right mindset
Their mother is still alive and enjoying the
blessings of the gospel
She has also given her life to Christ and
now lives with the first son and his family
This event happened in Jos and Lagos
state, Nigeria!

PS: Some Christians are taught that
after they had given their lives to Jesus,
demons still have a say in their
It is like a slave that got adopted to
become a son but in his mindset was
still a slave
He will only always act as a slave in reality
You are the light now, shine!
You left a location and its ills for another
location and its blessings
You cant be in two places at once

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