Irreverent Banter

October 28, 2021


Pastors are not omniscient, neither are
prophets, teachers, evangelists or any
other office holders in the church of
That anyone would deliberately pretend
not to know this in order to ridicule
pastors is a cry for help
The ability to suspend reasoning in
favour of folly
is a tragedy this generation is courting
so blatantly
And I submit that those who deliberately
do this needs serious help
I used to work as a PA to pastors,
I worked with pastors of many
denominations and yes I know that
those around them lie to them often
and they would have no
clue about the truth.
I have seen the children of pastors lie
to their parents and get away with it
almost all the time
This is not an indictment on pastors,
they know only what the Holy Spirit
reveals unto them.
Whatever is hidden from them cannot
be known, did you not read this
in the scriptures? In 2 Kings 4:27, the
Shunnamite woman found her way to
Elisha and Elisha had no clue what
was going on
Jesus had a disciple who was helping
himself to the purse of the ministry and
not once did we hear him talk about it
throughout the scriptures.
David went to Nob, he was on the run
from Saul and had a price tag on his head.
The priests of Nob eventually paid for
this visit with their lives, and yet when
David was with them they didn’t know
he was a fugitive! (1 Samuel 21)
I agree that there are fake pastors
everywhere, they are a pandemic
I am very happy I am not a pastor and
in case anyone is wondering, I am not
a prophet or a Man of God.
I am a Christian brother and I try to serve
the Lord with the whole of my heart
because that is my life and reality now.
I have chastised many fake prophets
and pastors I have rebuked many
charlatans who claim to be what they
are not
I have written petitions and seen many
fake pastors thrown out of their
I have intervened in cases where
spiritualists went mad before.
I am not defending fake pastors or those
who leech on believers but I am saying
quite clearly that Spiritual leaders are
not omniscient!
They do not know everything and
sometimes they are not allowed to talk
about everything they know.
Finally, I will say this clearly; Mocking our
spiritual leaders is not supposed to be a
past time of a believer
You may sometimes think you have seen
all of them only for God to show up and
defend them.
Shimei saw the downfall of David, he
took the opportunity to confront the
King and mock him
David said “Leave him, perhaps God will
see this dragging and fight for me!
2 Sam 16:4-13
That a generation has gotten to the
stage where they can drag pastors and
spiritual leaders fearlessly on Twitter is
supposed to be a cause for concern
Nobody can drag me! I am from above
but I have to remind you that if you’re
found of dragging others you will
always be grounded
Exalted people do not drag anything,
Eagles fly light!
You do not have to relate with any pastor
or his ministry if you are not comfortable
with such
I for one don’t want anyone near me who
has no regard for God and his anointed
Throughout the days of Jesus, he confronted
the Pharisees, the sadducees, the
Sanhedrin, the teachers of the law and so on
but he did so based on merit.
He didn’t drag them just to have some
mindless fun. He was pointing them to
the Way!
Bragging about making a fool of pastors
is not having fun, it is foolishness and that
has to be said.

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