March 15, 2022


I belong to the ethics committee of a
Among other things, the ethics committee
picks out students and staff members of
the university who stand out for their
exemplary conduct while in the employ
of the school
The name of a man came up, recommended
by one of the most outstanding students
The student said this lecturer was the
reason he graduated from school
He said the lecturer challenged his
intellect and brought original ideas to
He was full of kind words and effusive
This student is on a 4.8 CGPA and he
attributed his grade to this one lecturer
who he claimed coached him beyond the
four walls of the classroom
The student said this lecturer even asked
him (the student) to take some other
students in 100 level and 200 level who
were struggling with adapting to life on
campus under his wings just like
He (the lecturer) did for him
I told the student to provide five other
people from the department who can attest
to his claim
He gave us the names and we invited them
All of them were above 4.5 CGPA
They all spoke glowingly of this man
It was beautiful
But I have seen the story
before while I was in the university
I know there will be some other students
who will hate this man
So I asked that five students with less
than 2.0 CGPA in the same department
should be brought to me
When they were brought I asked them to
tell me their candid opinion of this
One said “He failed me, I went to see
him and he looked at me right in the
eyes and said “You will not amount to
much in life if I am to judge you by
your attitude to your studies”
She said “Who says that to anyone?
Is he God?
I said but you are doing poorly in
your academics
With all the lecturers, did they hate
you or chose to fail you too?
She said “I am not really academically
inclined, I am just giving schooling a
shot and I am trying my best”
I said “So this man, did he fail you or
did he help you to do better in your
She said “That
man is a wicked man
I went to discuss my grades with him
He said I will have an extra year
I went on my knees to beg him, I even cried
Then he told me begging is not the way
He said I should pay in kind or in cash
if I want him to help me
I didn’t want the extra year so I gave
him some money just to get an E in
that course
He didn’t even give me a C
I paid him 150,000 and I got an E
I nodded and thanked her.
Another student came in, he said the
man was a monster
I asked why
He said “I know he has slept with many
of the female students in the department
Whenever any student approaches him for
help with their result he would either
sleep with the student or make them pay
him some money just to get an E or a D
He made me fuel his car and I paid the
school fees of some smart students who
didn’t have the means to pay just so that
I could graduate and make a good grade in
my project
All the students complaining about this
man were very unserious
The type that wouldn’t attend classes,
visit the library or study
The type that would “cut corners” rather
than put in the work
The students praising the man were
the hardworking ones
I decided to talk to the average
students- five of them and they all said
he was a good man but they felt they
deserved more marks than he gave them in
some courses.
I went back to the committee and
presented my findings
Some committee members said the man
had no integrity
He should have failed all those who
deserved to fail woefully regardless
of their pleas
Some said “It seem as if the students
that took him serious were the ones he
really took serious and helped while the
ones that didn’t take him serious as a
lecturer were made
to pay for their lackadaisical attitude
one way or the other.
We looked at other lecturers in the
department to see if there is any that
is qualified
The other lecturer that came close was a
kind fatherly man employed to teach a
certain course in the department
The man was a poor
His notes were in shambles and his conduct
towards his work was quite unprofessional
The students liked him because he allowed
them get away with anything
No attendance, no Continuous Assessment
He also collects gifts but he didn’t
put any student under duress
We ended up skipping that award category
all together
The man that deserved it due to impact
was morally flawed
The one that students consider to be
their friend was a poor lecturer.

PS: Integrity is a good thing, it
enhances our reputation and speaks
for us in the place of
Let us learn how to keep our integrity


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