Imagine That

March 15, 2022


Imagine this, you’re a journalist and
you accidentally stumbled upon a case
of corruption happening in your alma mater
Students were paying a guy in the central
digital room to manipulate their results
You actually spoke to the guy who was
doing the manipulation
A student scored
D, the D is sent by the dean to the
admin office, this guy changes it to a C
D will be on the board outside the
Department but C will be on the official
The guy didn’t know you attended that
school, he was just talking to a fellow
guy in his opinion
You engaged him and he decides to show
you proof
H gives you the list of the names of
students he has helped
In his opinion he is helping their
destiny so that the school fees they
paid wouldn’t be in vain
You checked the list and you saw the
names of many people you know
This is a story worth pursuing
but then you had a rethink and decided
not to pursue the story
You told yourself many lives will be
ruined and the school may not recover
You are also sure most people will call
you all sorts of names for doing the story
You turned a blind eye
Years later, you find yourself in a
meeting at a bank
You went there to pursue a story but then
you were told there is an opening in the
bank’s PR department
The manager offered you the job on a
platter but you will have to go through
the formality of an interview
The manager says “The job is yours, just
come in
for a chat next Monday and we can discuss
the offer”
You get there on Monday, the chat was a
As you were leaving the bank, you saw an
old school mate
He is a staff of the bank
One of those on that “fraud list”
You chat for a while and told him you
would be working with the bank soon
Your old school mate congratulated you
Later that same day the manager calls and
asks “Did you and so and do attend the
same university?”
You said “Yes”
“We’re you in the same class?”
You said yes
“He has some strong misgivings about you
working with us and I wonder
You kept quiet, you didn’t know how to
The manager says “He came in right after
you left and the things he said about
you are not flattering in any way”
You kept quiet still
The manager says “Give me some time to mull
over this situation”
You said “Okay sir”
You wait
One week
Two weeks
One month
You call the manager
He was suddenly busy
You go to the bank, you see your old
school mate
You wanted to approach him to have a
He “forms” busy and disappeared into
an office
You didn’t offend this guy, never had
a spat with him
You somehow got this old school mate’s
number from another old school mate
You called him and asked him why he said
whatever he said about you to the manager
Your old school mate says “It is nothing
personal, I only told him that you’re a
“holy holy” person who can’t bend his
You’re too rigid for my liking and banking
requires flexible characters
It is up to him to employ you if he wants
to but I owe him that much information.
No hard feelings”

And that was it.

You didn’t get the job and you didn’t get
another juicy opportunity like that

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