The Mystery of The Word and The Spirit

July 20, 2020


Jesus is the word. God speaks His word in heaven and it’s heard in the earth. Genesis 5:18 A man wrestled with Jacob; it turned out it was the Lord. Same happened to Joshua when He was preparing for battle. Certain times He appears in the form of a man. Like He did with Abraham. All these expressions are the Spirit of God. Isaiah 63:9-14 The Holy Ghost is the one that carries the presence of God. The presence of God with them was the Holy Ghost. He knows the Mind, Will, Purpose, Plans of God. When we talk about Christ I want you to understand the mind of Christ. The Holy Spirit always wanted to be with us. In Christ He came to live in us. Without the voice the word cannot lead you to the place of His dream. The word can be in your heart because the word is for believing, but God’s word has no power without it being spoken. You’ve got to talk it until that level of meditation has come to your life you may never get it. Hebrews 13:5-6 You’ve got to respond to God. Your response has to be a Bold confession. God gave you His word so that you can take that word and respond to God. You’ve got to make it personal (Katalambano) Take it. Romans 10:6 Paul is showing us the spirituality of certain things that happened about Moses. Deutronomy 30:11-14 One of the things about Translations, you got to know the full story even before you start. When you speak as a man nothing might happen, but when you speak from the spirit of God it’s the Voice. Romans 10:6-10 The commandment was Christ. If you only believe in your heart you will not receive salvation. The word is in your mouth, meaning that you’re now Voicing God’s word. The word of Salvation is the word Power, word of life, word of Faith.


1 Corinthians 12:1-3 No one can say that Jesus is Lord without the Holy Ghost. When you heard the word of God you didn’t hear words of man but God because the word is God. You cannot make up your mind to serve God without the Holy Ghost. Matthew 16:16-17 John 6:43,65 No one will come to Jesus except the Holy Spirit draws them. John 12:37-42 The miracles weren’t enough to convince them because the dispensation of the Holy Spirit was not come then. You can read the scriptures all your life and never have an understanding of it. Without the Holy Spirit Jesus had to speak directly to them. Isaiah 52:10 Joel 2:28(KJV)=3:1(CJB) Acts 2:1-18 Peter knew by the Holy Ghost the times. God didn’t say all humanity will prophesy. He poured out His spirit on all flesh so that everyone can have the opportunity to believe. Without the Holy Spirit there’s no Christ. *Jesus couldn’t be Christ without the Holy Ghost because Christ means “The Anointed one”.* He was Annointed with the 7 Spirits of God without measure.

2 Corinthians 3:1-5. Meditation on the word is very important. If you do that you’ll be amazed at what the word will do in your life. Everywhere you go You’re manifestly declared as the Epistle of Christ; Angel, demons know it. The word isn’t for those who preach it, it’s for those who do it. The word is for doing. If you don’t understand what the word actually says you won’t live the word. *You’re not the Redeemed You are the fruit of Redemption.* He gave the gift of righteousness to the sinner.

3 CARDINAL GIFTS OF GOD 1. Eternal life 2. Righteousness God is not counting their sins against them(the whole world) so He gave them a gift that whoever accept it will be saved. 3. The Holy Spirit You were born with these gifts. When you’re born again you’re in the Kingdom now. If you would meditate on these things there’s a lot you can do.

*Make war with Prophecies.* I’m unmovable, I’m tough for God, I’m a soldier. I represent the Heavenly Kingdom of Jesus. When you see things that aren’t in consistent with the word, you got to change things with the word. *We’re not helpless; we’re not confused.* We’re excited at the challenge. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. There are strongholds but we’re tearing them down. Our Angels are more powerful than demons. I know about the people involved in Satanism, they’re deceived even before they got involved. They’re been deceived by the devil so all we do is feel sorry for them. He that seateth in the Heavens shall laugh. *This whole thing has been subdued by the power of the living Christ.

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