Come Up Higher

January 14, 2024


When you hear some Yoruba “Gospel” songs, you will conclude that many Yoruba-speaking churches simply do not understand the message of the gospel


Songs like “Eni to so wipe mi o ni sope, ko dide larin opo eniyan ko f’aso are re ya”

Meaning, “The person that says I won’t give thanks should stand up in the midst of a multitude of people and tear his or her clothes (become mad)


Or “Yio sagolo d’Abuja

Yio sagolo de Port Harcourt

Eni robi ro mi

Yio sagolo de Benin



Anyone who does not mean me well will go mad


Or Mummy O O O

Won a pela’ye

Mummy o o o

Won a jeun omo

Eni ba ni ko ni ri be, a fo loju

A fo loju ko senu trailer

A ku tue



Mummy will live long and eat the fruit of her labour

Whosoever disagrees with this will go blind and get crushed to death by a trailer


Ketekete ta ni mo gbe

Omo aguntan tani mo gba

Taleni naa to n yo mi lenu

Ogun orun ma ni won lara



Whose donkey or sheep did I take

Anyone who is disturbing my life

The host of heaven will trouble them


The songs are so many and many Yoruba churches sing them daily in prayer

These songs are anti-gospel and bring no glory to God


Prayers prayed with them are a waste of time


We need sound people to teach the true gospel and its songs to our churches



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