I Remember

January 21, 2024


I remember the day the Lord told me to bring the gospel to Twitter

It was a very odd conversation

I was a Personal Assistant to a pastor at the time and this pastor was the one that told me that I had to be creative and innovative if I was to last as his staff

He said I must come up with ways that he had not thought of through which the church he was pastoring could bring in more souls

I sat down and thought about it for a while

I joined Twitter in 2011 but I had very little understanding of how the app worked

The church already had Facebook on its list of broadcast platforms I decided to open a Twitter account for the church

I opened it and began to build the account with daily engagement and followership until the number of followers hit 100,000

I took my report to the pastor and showed him that I had been streaming the church’s special programmes on Twitter and I had gained followership by the thousands

The man saw the analytics and asked me to get the chief media officer for the church to see him

I went to see the brother and told him the pastor wanted to see him

When he got to the Pastor’s office, the pastor showed him the analytics and asked him what he thought of it

The Brother looked puzzled and said, “Twitter is not useful for church settings because it has a limited number of words you can write and does not really stream video except short clips etc. He also said one has to sit and type out stuff all day with a hashtag and the people on the app were wild and mostly rude

He told the pastor to forget the idea and stick with Facebook

The pastor looked at me, smiled, and said, “You have been wasting your time chasing shadows and tweeting thousands of things that are of no use to the church.

How many hours have you spent on this app? I can see you are getting close to 100,000 tweets (I had tweeted the Bible, verse by verse from Genesis to Revelation in King James Version, NIV, RSV, The Message Bible, and NIT Version

I had also tweeted Harken Unto Me, an interdenominational service the church held every Wednesday from 8 am to 10 am for about a year. Real people retweeted, followed and some even came to the church to look for me when they discovered I was the one behind the church handle) The Pastor said I had wasted the church’s resources and should shut it down immediately I tried to explain that real people actually came to the church from Ketu, Ikeja, Magodo, Shangisha, and Berger areas of Lagos

They came for both the ‘Hearken Unto Me Programme and other special programmes I announced on the app

He laughed and said there was no point digging the hole I had found myself in deeper He demanded that I shut it down immediately

So, I changed the handle from the church’s name to mine and abandoned the app for a week

I was thinking of what else to do to please this boss of mine when I came across a thread on Twitter for the first time

Someone actually wrote a story via a thread and the story got a lot of retweets

Wow! So I tried it I wrote my first thread and I had over 1000 retweets

Comments came from everywhere

I figured out Twitter’s audience in my head that very day

I discovered the feminists, clout chasers, glory hunters, catfishers, cookers, bots, scammers, beggars, and manipulators and I also figured out how to engage or avoid them

A lot of people came into my DM

A lot of comments and quoted comments

Then I got the greatest comment of all and it was from the Holy Spirit, He said “Take the gospel I have given you, the way I have given it to you to the people here, build me a platform here, thrive here”

This was 2019 January, just after we came into the new year

I began to do threads daily, sharing the gospel in a unique way

I shared testimonies and told stories of real people who encountered the gospel and its power of salvation, I just obeyed

On February 15, 2019, the Lord said to me “Start a Bible School and teach my children their supernatural abilities and inheritance in me” I wrote a tweet and dropped a WhatsApp link at 5:15 AM

I slept off and woke up at about 6:30 to over 100 people who had registered for the school

This was how PSSBC started- Twitter

From that PSSBC school, we raised giants of the gospel from all over the world

Only God knows how many sick people have been healed, how many miracle babies have been born and how many souls have been brought to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ since them

The number of ministries that have come out of PSSBC globally and formally is over 50 Churches, schools, fellowships, gatherings, meetings and seminars

I never saw any of it coming

I was just a personal assistant to a pastor who was trying to impress his boss and got torn down for all the hours of hard work he put in on a platform

Churches and pastors found the threads I write on Twitter useful for their sermons

I got a lot of requests from ministers asking me for permission to use my stories in their sermons and sometimes I got invited to speak, first to youth meetings and then to other kinds of meetings

We started many prayer groups and all of them were successful

The demand for the threads led to the creation of

A website where all the stories were published for free

I remember many people asking me to monetize the website and I said no! I built the website with all my life savings at the time

Soon after Oduonyi reached out to me on Twitter and asked if she could support us with apps

She was my first contact from Canada and is now the Head of the GSWMI North America fellowship

We built the apps and then created

The local church I was attending at the time had made me an altar minister

They gave me a portfolio as Minister in charge of Vigils

I called for a vigil and only 12 people showed up

I called for a vigil and announced it on Twitter and hundreds of people showed up

At that first meeting, a lady afflicted with cancer who had been discharged to go home and die was healed in front of the whole church

Those who came to that vigil thinking “What is all the noise about” sat up immediately and joined PSSBC

After that, I remember a couple came in from the UK that December and when they got to our prayer meeting, the power of the Holy Spirit came upon the wife so heavily that her period which had stopped for over ten years came right there!

The husband had been suffering from erectile dysfunction too

This was one of the reasons they travelled to Nigeria that season

They were told about a traditional medical clinic where they both could get some help Jesus healed them completely

The brother’s machine began to rev right from the vigil, in the presence of the Holy Spirit and in the fellowship of the saints

A month later, they announced their pregnancy

The church I was attending was not spared of God’s goodness

All the waiting mothers I met in the church got pregnant that season

Things turned around so fast that some of the people in the church began to grumble and complain

They told the pastor it could not be God saying God did not move that fast or that effectively

Unfortunately, I got invited to minister in Ghana and I went

When I returned they told the pastor I had gone to Ghana to make Ghana voodoo and so on

I wonder why they think I was unworthy to be a channel of blessing and dispenser of God’s grace and power

It was as if they did a form of screening and I failed their standard in a way I

still wonder who they would have nominated for the assignment if they had a say in the matter

God was unmoved by the antics of the people

Glorious things continued to happen in supernatural ways which I could neither explain nor take credit for

My season as a personal assistant was done

I resisted it because I couldn’t see the future but I had to resign by November 2019

One month to my fifth year on the job

I had hoped to hold on so I would get my severance pay according to their law in the church but the chief accountant of the church forced me out and told me since I was a month short, I would get nothing

Truth be told, I spent the last year doing more ministry work than the job I was employed to do

This was not my fault but who cares?

The local church I was attending also kicked me out after the first Homo Christus Convention in October 2019

They almost didn’t permit us to use the church for the event even though the church kept all the offerings raised at all our meetings

Some ministers would rather shut down the church than allow us to preach “eternal salvation” and “heal the sick with strange powers”

They eventually had their way- the church shut down after we had moved on and they were satisfied

I found myself doing ministry full-time

It was not my planned exit strategy but I was out

I found myself registering ministries with CAC Wow!

I found myself being invited to minister in churches all over the world

I never left my writing, I still wake up 3 AM daily to pray and write my thread for the day regardless of the country the Lord takes me to

There was resistance from many quarters

Some led to separations, a parting of ways, and a divorce, divisions, and splits of all categories

I was accused of so much by those who were close to me but did not understand what was going on and didn’t think I was worthy of the grace and the anointing of the Lord Someone said I had used her glory to become famous

Someone said my mother took me somewhere to make juju power

I understand their situation and empathize

Even I didn’t see myself where the Lord has taken me in just four years

We have a city now, I mean… If it was a church, it is understandable but A City, Pneuma City

We have fellowships in all the continents of the world

We have over 300 active ministers of the gospel

We have thirty-two Heads of Ministry under GSWMI

All of them leading thousands who are doing crazy signs and wonders by the Spirit of truth and grace

And I am not a G.O or a Pastor

I am just a brother who wears Jeans and T-shirt and tries to live a humble and ordinary life

The coming year is going to be different from the ones we have seen before

I saw “suns”, rising but not according to the order of time and seasons as we know them The lights proceeding out of Zion into the world are not ordinary, they will change how we see, what we see and what we consider to be shall be redefined

Those who see and align with the move of the Lord in this regard will find themselves on the path of effortless rise

Those who resist will find themselves stuck in the past with no sun to guide them out The quick work has commenced and it shall be executed in its full glory in the church of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit.

Finally, I saw an Apostle speaking about one of His sons in ministry in a tone that is unworthy of a believer. I understand the pain and how it looks when someone you brought up in ministry begins to act in a manner that seems dishonorable or dishonoring of you. Can you please be full of grace and practice forgiveness in advance? Saying you can curse or kill a fellow believer with one word is not something that should be said or seen going viral on the internet. Apart from the fact that this is a lie (Jesus did not give a believer the power to kill another believer, even angels cannot strike a believer who is full of the Holy Spirit), it is also not in conformity with nature and manner of Spirit of Jesus Christ. Luke 9:55 Every man of God whom the Lord has raised to teach His people will experience this, it is normal and we should bear it with grace.


PS: The Lord woke me up at 4:00 AM and asked me to write this

I received a letter yesterday night that I wanted to post this morning but the Lord said this is what He wants me to post as my last post for 2023

A message that testifies to the greatness of God at work in His church and by His power

I found myself in the Nigerian Book of Records, I didn’t even know how I found myself in the corridors of power and influence and I cannot explain how I found myself surrounded by His glories all over the world and I cannot plot the graph

The ways of God are truly unsearchable

As we close out 2023, please obey the Lord

What He is asking you may look so silly but your glory lies in total obedience

The gospel we teach has taken many out of religion into Christ with joy unspeakable full of glory

All we are doing daily is obeying the Lord

Please obey the Lord in 2024

A million days of fasting and prayer in disobedience is a waste of time

When you obey the Lord, everything and everyone will align with God’s purpose for your destiny



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