I Found Him

August 18, 2021



In an unending vastness, his glory covers the expanse of space
I found him, waiting for me, at the point where mercy and truth converged.
At the place where righteousness danced in the presence of peace.

I found Him,
Standing, waiting, with arms stretched out, calling, calling my name.

I found Him,

Deep in the crevices of my thoughts, of elation and ecstacy
He bids me to come, with a beautiful voice saying, I’m always here for you.

In the midst of beauty and tapestry of divinely orchestrated colours.
Deep in the orchard of grace, lined with the splendour of his awesomeness,
Just He and I, walking, talking with fingers interlaced like two lovers, taking a stroll

I found Him,
I found His warmth to be the right kind, the Heavenly kind, the God kind.

Hey, I am a God kind too,
I know because I am at home here
At home where bliss matches the dance steps of his love.

In him,
With him,
Through him, I see the bigger picture
I love His vantage point
Which has become my prism to look through.

Oh, how wonderful it is to see like He sees
To know like He knows
To breathe the light He exudes
To experience a perspective so awesome.

I found him,

Where I was,
Where I am, in Him, lost to self
The reality of my existence
Beautiful certainty, controlled toss
I in him yet, I go where his spirit leads.

I found Him because,
He found me first.


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