Honour Is A Code

January 16, 2024


When God instructed us to honour our father and mother, he added to it the result of doing as he had instructed.

He said this is the code to living a long and healthy life.

God didn’t tell us to judge our parents and honour them according to how good they are to us.

God didn’t ask us to use a morality scale to determine whether our parents are worth honouring or worthy of dishonour.

Even if your parents are established witches and wizards, you were told to honour them.

Honouring your parents does not mean obeying them.

These are two different things.

If your father asked you to do something and you know it is not the right thing to do, God did not ask us to do whatever they said simply because we must honour them. You will tell your father you cannot do it and yet you will honour your father

This is where you establish the traits of your own character

Parents know their children and they come to respect their children based on their children’s character.

A child who has no mind of his own is not a joy to any parent

A child who can make firm decisions and who has the maturity to weigh such decisions, take them, and face the consequences without the parent’s input is considered matured

Especially when those decisions bring the child into a level of advancement and success over and over again

A child who mistakes honour for blind loyalty will soon discover that he or she is lacking in original ideas and therefore will not be consulted when key decisions are to be made in the family

The father or mother will say, “What I say is what so and so will do, so the only one we need to consult with is such and such because we know that one does not agree with our position on any matter unless we present it this way and convince him or her to buy into our decision.”

Parents learn to honour wise children over time but they also learn to be disappointed in unwise children over time

They may mask it but it is always evident.

No matter how successful your parents are in life, they expect you to be able to step out of their shadows and make your own indelible marks on the sands of time

Responsible parents are indeed easier to honour than irresponsible parents, and it is also true that successful parents are easier to honour than unsuccessful parents, if we will do as instructed by God regardless of the circumstances our parents find themselves in, we will unwittingly be inputting codes into our own lives that will lend unto us the wisdom to live a long and meaningful life


Many of us would rather honour our, “Spiritual” leaders than our earthly parents

I have heard a man of God state categorically that spiritual parents are more important than biological parents because if your biological father curses you, your spiritual father can remove the curse from your head.


This is not true. If you are a born-again Christian, nobody can curse you. It is forbidden!

1 Corinthians 15:45 So it is written, “The First Adam became a living soul, the last Adam, A life-giving Spirit.”

Your birth through your parents made you a living soul. Your birth through the Holy Spirit into Christ made you a life-giving Spirit. Adam couldn’t bless or curse Jesus. Jesus was the Superior reality. Abraham can bless Isaac but Abraham couldn’t bless Jesus. Jesus said before Abraham, I am.


You are of the Spirit of “I Am.”

The lesser cannot curse the greater.

A living soul cannot curse a life-giving Spirit.

Let me say that again and with emphasis, “No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper and every “Tongue” that shall rise against you in judgment, you must condemn” was not written in the scripture as word fillers.


When you read the encounter of Balaam against Israel, you will see that an angel was assigned to protect/watch over the blessing of God upon Israel to such a degree that when this sorcerer wanted to curse Israel, the angel didn’t allow it.


It is in your Bible, boldly written as an example and instruction for you, so that you will stop believing rubbish and know what being a believer has made you.


You cannot be cursed by your parents or anybody else for that matter once you come into Christ

The environment of Christ is blessed and only benevolent realities thrive there

However, if you don’t know this to be true you will be running helter-skelter because your father or mother said something untoward to you


I met a pastor once who came to me crying that he didn’t prosper in life because his father didn’t bless him before he died, this pastor came to ask me if I could take him to three elderly pastors to lay hands on him and bless him so that he can become prosperous.

Wow! Such carnal thinking for someone who is supposed to be spiritual.


He wanted three elderly strangers to pray for him because the one who gave birth to him didn’t do so before he died, forgetting that in John 17, Jesus already gave the glory God gave to him to those who will become born again and come into the reality of the gospel free of charge


I realise for a fact that many of us read the Bible but we do not take the words written in it as true and applicable to us.


This is a pity because it means we will continue to wallow in ignorance instead of growing in knowledge.

I have heard stories of parents who did voodoo against their own children in one form or the other, to the extent that even after the child/children got born again the voodoo was still effective


When I hear such stories, I simply ask myself what sort of “born again” that child became.

Was he a mental born again or did he or she have a true spiritual or supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit?


Such realities are simply a product of a dual mindset


One who has given his or her life to Christ but who has not fully yielded to the rulership of the Holy Spirit in his or her reality.


I cannot count the number of born-again Christians who met with me and their mother who was a witch or their father who was a cultist immediately surrendered their lives to Jesus or in some unfortunate cases died.


This does not mean I have a special anointing that ought to be celebrated above that of other believers, it simply means they came to know the truth of who they are in the Spirit by their contact with me.


One of the things I personally dislike is watching a believer running in circles in the name of seeking a breakthrough in life when I know that Jesus had already broken through for the same but he or she just lacked the ability to see the truth and walk in it.


You should not honour any Man of God above your parents.

You should not honour any Man of God above your husband.

You should not honour any man of God above your wife.

You should not honour any Man of God above yourself.


It is the same spirit that is in you and that man of God.

His Holy Spirit and yours are the same measure.

He might have seniority in knowledge, and for that, you owe him or her a level of respect but he or she is not superior to your parents.

The same way a parent’s counsel can be wrong is the same way the counsel of a man of God can be wrong.

There are too many destinies set on wrong courses by the words of many so-called men and women of God.

Parents set destinies on the wrong courses too for the same reason.

The destiny that is being set on a course must have its own sense and determine that he or she will fulfill purpose in Christ and not be tossed here and there by either parents, mentors, Men or women of God, or friends.

May your destiny not be a gullible one that can be pushed anywhere simply because you don’t know how to think for yourself.

When a child comes to know the gospel and the liberty it gives through the Spirit, he or she becomes empowered to bring the same gospel to members of His or her family.


Your result speaks a lot more than your arguments and debates.

If you are going to shift the opinion of people in any direction, you have to do it through the gaze and the opinion of others much more than the opinion of the ones who have already formed an opinion about you.

Jesus built a reputation with those who didn’t know him that he might change the opinion of those who knew him.


Members of your family know you and have a certain opinion of you, you can only change that by building a reputation for yourself that speaks of you in a light they have never seen before.


This is how to make your gospel effective It is a great thing when a son or daughter earns the respect of his or her parent based on his or her ability to make decisions without their input.


A child whose parents are still directing the affairs of his or her life directly in his or her twenties is already dishonouring his or her parents by not developing a mind of his or her own.


You have nothing to gain by being a carbon copy of a relic, you are supposed to be the New Edition! Respect everyone Honour your parents Be humble but not gullible Build a reputation that speaks for you


Know who you are in Christ and live in this reality

Live a meaningful life

Live the eternal life.


PS: There is a sun that has risen but its cycle is quarterly a lot is happening at this time in the world and in the body of Christ


The coming year is a year of positioning.

You must not miss the rising of this sun at any time.

Be spiritually sensitive Pray in the Holy Ghost and abide in the reality of the light Be conscious and sensitive.

These are the markers for feasts of glory.

You are the one with the advantage Christ is your advantage.

Revel in this!




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