February 28, 2022


You’d always known the forest of
darkness as home
Perpetually filled with dense fogs
which clouded the area
Tall trees of works of gloominess all
closely knitted together forming an
impermeable barrier to anything external
On these you climbed slugging it out
in an atmosphere bereft of joy
Yet He found you.

In a world of billions where we’ve
called home
It was never a fitting one for you
Your home was your thoughts and the warring
emotions locked up in a dungeon cell
somewhere in the far unlit edge of your heart
A cell so close to the tipping point of
collapse where the rubicon had dug an
unbelievable rift
Every now and then, you longed to slide
through the rift
Just a little grab on the edge of the rope
being dangled by a being on the other side
Yet a restraining force held you back
Oh yes, He found you.

Some call them a force of nature
To you, they were a force of wealth
Dangling and waving their shining golden
swords in the air
Symbolising their territorial victory
bought by the golden coins
Charon, the ferry man, would resign at
his current place to seek an employment
with them
Damn all the souls waiting to cross over
the river
You’d gawked at this sheer display of
opulence, yet you were only found, and
somehow grounded, at the other extreme end
The words on the unfairness of life would
roll off your tongue a thousand times
He found you!

He left the ninety nine looking for the lost one
He stayed awake all night sweeping the entire
house for the one penny that was missing
On an earthly perspective so inconsequential
Yet, from his view, so eternal and priceless
The master found you in all of your troubles
He pulled you from the choking fumes of darkness
Rescued you from the cutting rope of suicide….
the chainsaw of death
Lifted you from the decay of poverty
He gave you life.

John 10:10 NIV
I have come that they may have life, and have it
to the full.

If you want to experience Him, tell Jesus to
come in today, and watch your life transformed.
He’s waiting!


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