January 15, 2024


Foxes can be quite cunning

They can look cute too and easily be mistaken for a friendly animal

You meet a sister in church, you smile at her

She smiles back

You begin to talk

She skabashed more than she spoke English

You tell yourself the table is set

You dive in and begin to date her

You see red flags, plenty of them

Instead of running away, you tell yourself she is born again

She will get it when she is with you

She is teachable and full of the Holy Spirit

When she sings worship songs, she cries all the time

She is such a beautiful soul

You overlook all the red flags you saw

How her parents are not friends with any of their neighbors in their estate

They have issues with everybody

How her mother had practically stripped her father of his masculinity

And how the children, your intended included had

Been turned against her father’s side of the family in the name of “witchcraft” and “whatnot” but her mother’s relatives are everywhere around the family running things

You tell yourself, “This can never be me; I am a macho man!”

You see how excessively possessive and jealous she is

You tell yourself, “I will lay hands on her and deliver her of every evil spirit. I am the assistant Holy Spirit, what I cannot do in Christ does not exist”

You take her home for the first time

Your mother said, “Don’t marry this babe without hearing from God”

Your sister said, “I know this girl, you cannot cope with her”

You are like, “I am a fellowship leader who is setting an example to others. I cannot be seen jumping in and out of relationships anyhow. I have made my choice, let me live with it”

No wahala

On the day of your introduction, you discover you were making a mistake

The event was a colossal success for her side of the family but you were disappointed by the way they took over everything and made you feel like a stranger at your own introduction but you were too invested now to run away

On your wedding day, you didn’t even want to get out of bed

They begged you and pushed you until you got to the venue late for the wedding

You had to sum up the courage to get married

You already knew you had entered the slime-dung

And you were right, the marriage was hell from day one

But you endured!

Then one day she said she was tired of it and wanted to co-parent

You said fine

Then she left for months to clear her head while you raised the children all alone

You were told to file for divorce, to go to court

You said, “The Bible said the unbelieving partner should leave”


They told you to get a restraining order, to protect your children from their mother’s madness

You say, “Mad as she mad, she is still their mother and I want to be fair”

Then she comes one day, takes the children to another house, and hits you with a lawsuit barring you from taking or seeing your children

The fox is never fair when dealing with a lamb

The lamb however has been programmed to be docile

Jesus said unbelievers are smarter than believers in taking advantage of carnal situations for a reason

You are left reeling, and even then you refuse to get a Lawyer

You said, “She will come to her senses, we can settle this amicably, we are both mature adults, we can come to terms without the law”

Then she comes up with terms and conditions for you to see your own children

She starts demanding an arm and a leg

Says she owned the things; she didn’t even know when you bought or acquired them

She claimed she was the only one responsible for caring for the children since they were born

Claimed the children, your children, never really knew you as a father

Claimed to have been solely responsible for their education!

Then it occurred to you that your children will one day read those documents and they may believe the lies she had sworn in court as an affidavit to be true

Then you get a lawyer but said, “I don’t want a court case, can we meet and sort this out amicably?”

Then she goes to the Police and accuses you of a bogus crime

You get invited and then she says, “The children’s welfare was what she wanted to discuss. She didn’t have the means to cater for her own children, yet she took them and now wants to start extorting you with them”

Then you realize your children are in trouble

Then you take it seriously

You go to court

The judge say, “Lawyers meet and have an agreement on some issues”

She comes up with unreasonable demands including things that will hurt the future of your children out of spite

Then you get the point

She cares about nothing!

Not even her own children or their future

She was just acting true to her nature…


Then you wake up from this dream and realize God had shown you a ten minutes vision of how your life will look like if you got married to the Love of your life

You have invited all and sundry

You woke up at 6

The wedding is at 10

You knew it was your story the Holy Spirit just showed you

Taking you from the moment you met her into how things will end between the two of you if you got married to her

You have to make hard decisions

You also have to make sentimental decision

If you call off the wedding, your family will be disgraced

Your Christian reputation will be in tatters

A lot of people will be disappointed

All the who is who in the society coming for the wedding will make your family name a joke

The pressure is crazy

If you go on with the wedding you will dance, pray, kiss the bride, get sprayed money and gifts, have great sex later that evening, have children and a few good days but you will mostly be miserable for the next 12 years until it ends

Which option would you take?



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