Healing Hearts

June 13, 2021


My brother died at the age of 30 of heart disease
That was when we all had tests and it was discovered
that I also had heart issues
Apparently, my heart rate had been 109 and more for
a long time, I didn’t know (When I called my f
ormer hospital, the doctor confirmed it)
When I had the test and i was told i had
Tachycardia and tachyarrhythmia.
Other organs were tested and i was told
they were all fine
I was pregnant at this time and I had it very rough
They had to find a way to save my life
towards the end of the third semester
because I couldn’t cope
I had assumed that after i had the baby,
i would regain my strength
but this did not happen
I grew weaker and weaker until every
activity had to be followed by serious
headache and rest
We got two house helps and a nanny to
help out but I hated my life
as it was
I was basically useless
I was placed on drugs but the drugs were
temporary in the relief they gave me
I ought to have reached out for help but
I was unconvinced that prayer can do
anything for me
I am a nurse by profession and I know
what this was
I had managed this condition for three years
I resigned my job because of it and my
marriage was suffering because of it
My husband was not complaining but i
notice that he withdrew
somehow and started giving me some
space as if he was preparing himself for
my death
I told him this several times and he denied
it but things didn’t improve
Then i saw your advert communion on Twitter
I saw the prophecies and the link and I joined
I was alone in the house
My husband had gone to Abuja to write an
important examination that will help his career
I took the bread after singing seven songs
I felt warmth from my tummy rising and
rising until it felt as if my whole body was
submerged in a bathtub of warm water
from within
Then i took the wine and I think I slept off
immediately on the chair
My eyes opened and i saw a line drawn by
a hand across my chest
Just one red line
The line faded into my body until i didnt
see it anymore
I woke up at about 10 pm
The communion was over, my phone was
on the table before me
I stood up and i started dancing like a drunk
Clapping my hand and moving in circles
and praying in tongues
It was crazy!
I tried to stop myself but i couldn’t
It was as if i was being moved by the
power of the Holy Spirit
After about twenty minutes, i felt the
warm feeling lift
I went to the kitchen to get some water
but something felt different
I checked my BP, it was 76
I laughed! After all the jumping and
screaming and clapping, it should be at
least 120
I sat down and checked it again
It was 74
I said the Blood pressure monitor must
have gone bad
I took my drugs and went to lie down
but i was restless
My body was alert and active and
wanted to do stuff
it was as if i took a strange energy drug
I couldn’t sleep
So i sat up and watched movies all night
The first time since the time i was in the university
My eyes were wide open all night
I checked the blood pressure every hour, it
kept dropping until it got to 62
That was at 7 AM on Saturday morning
I slept at that time
I woke up by noon and got up to do
house chores
I worked and worked, cleaning the house
and washing clothes
I worked hard and checked the BP again
and again it remained between 62 and 65
When it was 6 pm I drove myself to the
I didnt want a false heart monitor
machine to deceive me
I was checked over ten times
The blood pressure was at 62
I realized my blood pressure monitor
was not bad after all
So i took a step of faith and asked that
my heart be checked
The following tests were done
Blood tests
Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Exercise stress test
Echocardiogram (ultrasound)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
It took three hours and after the time i
spent waiting every test returned saying
I felt no palpitation or stress of any kind
The doctor couldn’t explain what happened
Nobody could
The only thing i did which i had never done
before was to partake of the communion
I have come to give all praise to God
I have come to say God answers prayer
I had checked the blood pressure several
times today
My mother couldn’t believe it
She had feared she was going to lose
another child but God decided to change
the verdict!
I am sharing this testimony after waiting
for 48 hours sir
I have done everything to stress my heart
and validate this miracle
Nothing i did changed the fact that God
came through for me!
Glory be to God
I want to join the church sir, i want to be
a member of the community of faith
Thank you so much, sir
My mother-in-law, Mrs. Vivian Egwu said
she had spoken to you before
From Cross Rivers State
She was the one that told me to follow
you on Twitter
I dont know what to say again sir
God bless you sir
Jesus did it
Glory be to God

The Encounter, at Ughelli!

“You have two choices: change your
lifestyle and exercise regularly or start
taking anti-BP drugs,” said the doctor.
“Mind you, if you start the anti BP drugs,
you will be on them forever,” he said further.

This happened in 2017. I had malaria fever
and went to my family hospital for treatment.
My vitals were taken and my blood
pressure was 140/90 or so.
I do not remember the exact figures.
This alerted the doctor and he began
to counsel me. From there, my journey
of managing high BP began.

Of course, I chose the option of changing
my lifestyle and regular exercise.
I really did not like walking, jogging or
So I had to get a bicycle because  I loved
What I noticed was that the BP would go
low after exercise, but would spike
when I didn’t exercise.
The struggle was real!
I joined GSWMI in 2020 and went through
PSSBC. And I kept making my declarations
believing that God would heal me of this.
Deep down, I kept thinking about my family.
Would I just die as a result of high BP and
leave my young and beautiful wife behind?
What about my little children?
Who would be responsible for them?

On 29th April 2021, I traveled to Warri on an
official assignment. And I had to go into
isolation for Covid-19 test.
My BP was checked and it spiked to 166/92.
Prior, I had always cycled and engaged
in fit-fam.
So I was shocked to find that the BP had not
come down.
The onsite medic at the isolation facility advised
me to get anti BP drugs to manage the situation.
I called my wife immediately and we both
agreed not to get the drug.
She suggested I call sister Lolade.
I called her and she advised not to get
the drugs.
She also advised to get “Zobo” leaves and
she prayed with me. What’s even the
English word for “Zobo”? Anyway, I got it
and kept exercising regularly.
I finished my isolation, went for work
and got back early June  – early enough
to attend “The Encounter” in Ughelli.
All through this period, BP would go low after
exercise and it would spike if I did not
exercise. I even travelled to Ughelli with
my sports wear and my “Zobo” drink.

However, our Ughelli experience was not
a normal one. We got back from the trip
and I checked my BP.
To my amazement it had come down to
less than 120 and the lower figure had
gone below 80. It was like a dream!

But I did not think too much about this.
I just left monitoring it.
Subsequent readings have been amazing.
My BP has been normal since.
With or without exercise, the BP has been
It even went as low as 100/65 at a point.
I have been healed by the hand of the
Holy Ghost!

PS: All i have to say is Thank you JESUS

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