He Came To Set The Captives Free

January 16, 2024

I remember when I had to ask the Lord what I was doing wrong about five years ago.

I was anointed and the evidence was there for all to see.

I was a PA at a church at the time and I was working with the Assistant Provincial Pastor of that church.

The gospel had started showing forth the reality of the power of God in my life.

I had raised several people from the dead and miracles had become the norm for me.

At the office where I was working at the time, a crowd would come in from Monday to Saturday to speak with me and receive their miracles.

It got so glorious that the provincial office had to give me the option of meeting with people at the teen’s church inside the provincial office’s compound during the week.

I was employed as a Personal Assistant but I was doing ministry work full-time or most of the time.

I got invitations at that time to minister in Kwara, Peculiar Gospel Ministry, Abule Egba, Magodo, Gbagada, RCCG Camp (Not by the ministry but by a parish) and so many other places.

I was at the time dispensing the verities of the gospel all by myself.

I was teaching the gospel too.

The Pneuma School of the Supernatural (PSSBC) had started and I was teaching believers how to live this victorious life and work out our salvation with the evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit being made manifest in us.

The local parish that I was attending was not left out- RCCG Christ Covenant Parish in Ogudu, Lagos State.

We started Night of Glory and people showed up from all over the world for our services.

The miracles that happened in that church were monumental.

A lady was brought to the church straight out of the hospital, she had completed her chemotherapy but the cancer she had, kept spreading. The doctors said the family had to raise funds for radiotherapy, as the sickness had drained them of their resources. They heard about Night of Glory and decided to bring her on a stretcher. I remember calling OD, a Pastor I met on Facebook who had written that God was doing mighty miracles through him and inviting him to the program, specifically because I knew they were bringing this sick lady and I felt his anointing should bring her back from the brink of death since I was still growing in it. On the day of the service, Pastor OD preached and taught church members how to heal the sick but he refused to pray for this lady. Right in the presence of the whole church, he said “I am not praying for her, this one is on you” So I laid hands on her while the choir worshipped the Lord with the fruit of their lips.

The lady was completely healed.

She came to our church the following Sunday, wearing a blue gown. Everywhere went agog. Even my Parish Pastor at the time started looking at me like “What is going on here?”

The church could seat 100 but we ended up getting canopies and begging banks and other offices on Ogudu Road to lend us their parking spaces whenever we had a program.

It was a small church but mighty men and women from all walks of life came there to hear the Word and grow in their walk with the Holy Spirit.

The way the power of the Holy Spirit was working at the time, awed me always. But I was poor.

I couldn’t pretend that I understood why that was the case.

I turned to the Lord and begged for answers.

How come I still can’t fuel my car or afford to pay my children’s school fees comfortably?

How come I couldn’t pay rent?

Since I grew up in church, I witnessed a lot of this reality.

Many mighty men of God that I knew and worked with struggled with financial independence.

I know some who would go visit their church members’ shops and offices under the pretence of praying for them so that those church members could give them some money after prayer with which they would feed their families or meet other needs.

One of them really blessed me just after I graduated from the university, he is an anointed minister of the gospel but poverty was a stronghold he couldn’t break over his life.

I didn’t want to be in that same mould I wanted to be blessed and I didn’t want to resort to gimmicks and lies to get people to be a blessing to me

I didn’t want to tell those who had received eternal life that they were robbers if they didn’t pay their tithe and that because of that they would go to hell

The gospel I know and received didn’t place any other condition on believers other than to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and be eternally saved

I have always contested with many on the gimmicks many ministers of the gospel had to resort to to extort members of their hard-earned money in the name of seed sowing, covenant giving, first fruit, tithe, offering and special seeds or breakthrough seeds

I didn’t want to do anything for survival that would negate the reality of the gospel which I know to be true and absolute

When I asked the Lord about being blessed supernaturally by the Spirit, he asked me to do just one thing

He said “All those who come to you for prayers, whenever they were leaving your office, give them transport fare. lunch money, buy them lunch, etc. Be the giver!”

It was the first time I would ever hear that.

When I shared this with my colleagues in the office (Many of them are pastors) they laughed at me.

They said I was being arrogant.

One said, “When you win a soul, you win his pocket and you must not be sorry to milk it to your advantage.”

It was a pathetic idea. I know that the Lord is the one with the cattle on a thousand hills and that he is not limited in his capacity to bless his children if they will trust in Him.

The idea of fleecing the sheep of God not only seemed preposterous to me, it was also ridiculous

He who the son has set free is supposed to be free indeed How can someone become born again, get filled with the Holy Spirit based on the perfect sacrifice Jesus made on the cross by giving his life for us, and then have to kill a goat or offer money for him to be delivered from the power of darkness I find the idea to be anti-gospel

It is either we get born again and receive the Zoe life or not.

There should be no other sacrifice apart from that which had already been made on the cross.

I didn’t listen to them.

As a matter of fact, many who would come to me to say thank you for their miracles brought offering envelopes as a form of gratitude, but I rejected it.

If they insisted and dropped it, I refused to touch it

My colleagues shared whatever it was.

I never bothered to ask them to tell me how much was there.

It was not what I wanted I know there are treasure boxes in heaven and access to divine blessings that no man can truly explain I decided to obey God I was earning 60,000 Naira salary per month at the time I started giving those who came to see me for prayer and counseling 3000 Naira each whenever they were done and leaving my office

For some, I ordered Uber to take them back to their destinations so that they didn’t have to pay

That first month, when I exhausted my pay, I realized I still had money in my account somehow

I couldn’t explain it but I had funds

Angels didn’t provide it directly; it came from two fellow believers whom the Lord touched from afar

They sent 50,000 naira each to my account and I was able to meet the needs of those who came around throughout that month.

The Lord said to me, “Give, that is your access code to the vault of my blessings.” I kept giving and I suddenly became blessed in an unusual manner

I mean I couldn’t explain it but it got to a point that I forgot how much my salary was and when it was paid I had more than enough at all times to the extent that I started building a house by faith and I completed the building in eight months


We also started building churches, not for me or my ministry (I didn’t have a ministry to head at that time) but for pastors who came to me to solicit financial support

In a year we built 13 churches and we dropped the keys for the pastors and asked for nothing in return

We built both in Nigeria and abroad to the glory of God.

Somehow in all this, the ministry started.

I didn’t have a particular name for the ministry, but it was necessary to register it because of the level of work we were doing and the amount of money we were spending at the time.

This was how GSWMI was birthed.

I have told the story several times.

The GSWMI Widows ministry also started this way.

I went to minister in Kwara and we saw how the ministry we visited cared so much for widows.

I came home and the Lord said to me, “Take care of my wives” I said who are your wives?

The Lord said “Widows.”

This was how we registered hundreds of widows and started setting them up in business and paying them monthly stipends to the glory of God since 2020.

In all this, we preached only the gospel.

We didn’t call for any seed, first fruit, tithe, guilt offerings or any other offering churches call for to survive.

Somehow, the Lord supplied all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

In all these we bought buses, started building a city, sponsored many through secondary schools and Universities both locally and internationally, settled welfare needs, and conducted Christian Social Responsibility exercises both within Nigeria and Abroad (Ghana, Scotland, London, Edinburg, France, and 18 states in Nigeria),

We started supporting several orphanages and also continued to sponsor and support other ministries affiliated with us in being a blessing to God’s people.

The Gospel is indeed the power of God unto salvation!

As we step into another New Year in a few days and celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus, let us keep our eyes on the realities of the gospel as we should

We must not turn to religion and become victims or slaves again in the name of following the footsteps of men who have found a way to make themselves superior to the Holy Spirit and who through manipulations subject those who had been set free indeed in Christ to bondage again in the name of works and performance rather than the finished work of Christ.

Like Apostle Paul wrote in the book of Corinthians, all our works will be tested and passed through the fire to see the sincerity and purity of its inner workings Works built on lies, manipulations, and human wisdom will never stand the test of time.

Every believer must know what it means to walk in the Spirit of Liberty and fulfill divine destiny in Christ just by resting in the finished work of Christ We must beware of dogs and those who preach the gospel to fill their bellies.

I heard a preacher tying prosperity, divine healing, and blessings to seeds given to him during a ministration, this is wrong!

Nobody has to give anything other than that which Christ has died to give to all who have received him as Lord and Saviour for their salvation and to live the Higher life in Him.

Christmas is not just a celebration of the child who was born, it is also a celebration of the Son who was given.

In Christ, we had the full picture of the reality of the new life We were born as he was born, we died as He died, and we were given eternal life in Him as he was given to us as the precursor of the Zoe life


A born-again Christian can never need deliverance or be in bondage. They may, however, lack the knowledge of what it means to live the new life and all the benefits it bestows

We must teach them and not take advantage of their ignorance.

Taking advantage of their ignorance is what we do when we come up with devilish prayer points, deliverance services, seed-sowing gimmicks, and so on

He that the son has set free, is free indeed “Christ in me” is not just a catchy phrase, it means the Anointed life which was given to me being made manifest in me as the hope of glory.

We have all that Christ has given and much more and we must live in this divine reality every day by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Glory be to God I wish all my fellow believers a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead.

PS: If you are still experiencing certain things like demonic afflictions, fighting in your dream, eating your dream, sex in the dream and so many other strange realities in your life and you are a born-again Christian, you don’t need deliverance, you need to get baptized in the Holy Ghost and then train yourself how not to see yourself as a man or woman who is still subject to the whims and caprices of the sons of Adam

You are not of the first Adam, you are not a living soul You are of the second Adam, you are a life-giving Spirit.

The Spirit of God is domiciled in you and therefore you are far above all principalities and powers.

You can never be subject to their shenanigans again Christ in you is the manifestation of glory.

This is my Christmas gift to you, make use of it and reign as you are destined to Our monthly gift to widows in Kwara is posted under this tweet, we are posting this to celebrate the faithfulness of God.

We have never stopped for a day since we started taking care of Widows all over Nigeria And God has been faithful! Blessed be God.



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