Hawk Eyed Parenting

April 28, 2022


I do not leave my boys
alone with female house girls.
I know at least 30 guys
who were introduced to sex by housemaids
when they were between the
age of 6 and 13.
I know what it means to be
exposed to certain biological functions
while the brain and emotions are still

I have seen the damage
and I have helped and counseled
too many not to pay attention to it.
I don’t just leave my daughter
with female housemaids.

A friend once told me how
a housemaid introduced her and her
sisters to lesbianism when they were
still children aged between 7 and 13.
The housemaid will prepare foamy
baths with Omo, make them sit in
It two by two (they were
four girls” and tell them
to close their eyes. Then she
will begin to touch them in
sensitive areas under the cover
of the foam waiting to see
which of them reacts first.
The first to react to her
touch is bounced out off the
bathtub. It was a game
of sorts until they all got
into it and began to do stuff
to each other within the house.
She said it was so bad that
she would be rubbing herself against
the edge of the wooden bed just
to get an Orgasm at age 10.
Till today her parents had no
idea what transpired. They are praying
that God should settle their daughters
in good marriages not knowing the housemaid
had ruined their sexuality in many ways.
Only one out of the four
girls is married. The other two
are abroad and they still tilt towards
lesbianism while the one telling me
the story preferred sex with benefits
relationships because she has serious
commitment issues.

There is a pastor in Ibadan who
speaks a lot of good grammar and
his wife owns a string of businesses
including a travel agency and school.
Their daughters were victims of
sexual abuse for years and the parents
had no idea.

Paying attention is key to raising
Our children the right way.
Damaged people tend only to damage others
so make sure you do your
background check on the people
you are bringing into your

Install CCTV camera in your house
and make sure you build the
kind of intimacy that surpasses fear
in your children so that they
report anything and everything to
you without any fear. The internet is
full of sick people giving counsel
and forming disgust at the video
that trended yesterday.

Anyone who shared, posted, retweeted,
liked, or downloaded that video is a
pervert you should run away from.
You should block and ensure that
such a person does not come
close to you and your family.
I could never stomach such
content and seeing many people asking
that the video be sent to them
Shows how many are here forming
disgust when all they want
to do is watch the video to feed their
imagination and perhaps even get aroused
sexually by the content.
This is what our society’s liberal
learning brought forth.

You cannot outsource parenting.
You have to do better than paying
fees and putting food on the table.
Charity indeed begins at home and

without your input Charity will turn
to a charade.

I have seen videos of parents allowing
their children to drink alcohol at parties
and even taking videos of it!

I have seen children smoking a cigarette
and Shisha recorded on video as fun.

I have seen sex too, between minors.
Was it not Bill Clinton that
Introduced the teaching of masturbation
to students in high school as a deterrent
to premarital sex? You cannot trust
the government or other entities to
raise your child for you.
You must do it yourself.

That DNA of yours that is
In that child must be taught
how to fulfill its potential by you.
Remember this and adjust appropriately.


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