Hawk Eyed Parenting 2

April 28, 2022


When I was pastoring a church
in Ketu, Lagos state. A woman
came to church to attend one of
our evening services, after the service
she approached me and said “One
of your church members is my
neighbor, she locked up my
18-year-old son at the police
station since Sunday and all
our efforts to bail my son had
been thwarted by this woman. I have
come to appeal to you as her
pastor to please help us appeal
to her to release my son.

The police said unless she dropped
the case, they are charging the
matter to court this week. Please
help us intervene sir. I told
the woman I will see what
I can do. She told me
her address and said “Please
let me get home for some
time before you come over, I don’t
want her to know I had
spoken to you. If possible sir,
tell her the Holy Spirit sent you
to her to resolve this matter
because all the people that I
had begged to appeal to her
said as soon as they mentioned
my name, she flared up and didn’t
entertain whatever they had to say.

I knew at that moment that I
was being manipulated but I didn’t
know why. So I asked her
the billion-dollar question…
“Madam, what did your son do?”
She said “Your church member said
he was playing rough play with her
These children grew up together in
the same compound, we have
been neighbors for a long time and
they are all boys. How my
son was being punished for playing
with her Children is the puzzle here.
Are children not supposed to relate
and play together if they are friends
and living in the same compound?
She accused my son of a lot
of things but I am sure the
matter will be resolved with your
kind intervention”
I promised the woman I will get on it.

Later that evening I went to their
compound and met this church
member at home. She was by
the door of her flat, picking beans.
I greeted her and asked after
her children. She said she had
moved them to her older sister’s
house for the time being.
I asked why.
She said…

“I went to the market last week
Sunday to sell some products
to a long-term customer who came
in from Owerri. I usually don’t
sell anything on Sunday but this
was an emergency. I left my
sons 14 year old and 12 year
old at home. They were watching
the TV and I told them to lock
the door. I finished selling the
goods on time and raced back
home to prepare dinner.
When I got here, I saw my
neighbor son who just came home
from the university two days before
In my sitting room, his trousers
were drawn down to his ankles
and he was kneeling over my
12 year old son. My children
were naked from the waist down too.
He tied their hands and was
putting his thing inside them from
the back. My children were crying
and he was saying “I am
Initiating you into our cult, you
will become strong like superheroes
and other things like that. Pastor,
he sodomized my sons with
their hands tied like goats!
I held his shirt and we began
to struggle, he would have killed
me if their father didn’t walk in
to defend me just in time.
We took pictures and another neighbor
called the police, that was how
we locked him up sir.”

I spoke with her and encouraged
her to please see the case
to the end. I gave her some
money and encouraged her to keep
that young man locked up.
I was quite young at the time
and I had no experience in
dealing with such things, in fact,
I was so green that I didn’t know
What was being described was possible
or being done in Nigeria and by
a Nigerian. I always felt such
things were “white” in their
It taught me a great lesson in
parenting too. A lot of strange
Spirits are in this world and
they express themselves in
destructive actions towards others

We must pay attention to these
things as parents. We must do
our best to ensure the gifts.
God gave us are not sullied
by the wicked expressions of the
devil in others.


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