February 9, 2021


He had a babe once, they met at a
fellowship programme when he was
an undergraduate
He was in his final year.
Their fellowships was hosting their
church convention and he was the
one tasked with the duty of organizing
the event.
She was the secretary of the conference.
He always believed he was a smart
guy, a wise guy.
Somehow they started dating.
He couldn’t explain it how.
He found her in his space throughout the
planning process, she was easy to talk to
and she was kindhearted.
One day, he went to see her in her
school and she said “The first day i
set my eyes on you, i told myself i was
going to be your girlfriend.
I just knew it had to be and i made it
She was 20 years old, she was so
proud of herself that she didn’t know
when she said it. His ego couldn’t take it.
At that time, it felt too much like he was
a passenger in her taxi and she was
driving him everywhere she wanted.
He walked out of the relationship that
same day.
He just logged out.
When the fellow Christians around them
came to ask him why he wasn’t pressing
on with the relationship, he couldn’t give
an excuse
She was the victim and he was the wicked
He couldn’t even quote one word that she
said out of place except for her declaration
of victory that fateful night.
He was the one that asked her out,
she even played hard to get while he
thought he was running the show
It was all a facade
He had to give it to her.
She was very good and he was played.
It was subtle conditioning.
He was controlled without knowing he
was being controlled and apart from
knowing you have acted against your
better judgment, you would assume
you did so voluntarily not knowing you
had been had.

Ps: As we approach this Valentine’s Day
celebration with feverish excitement,
ask yourself if you’re in this relationships
for self or for the other party
If he or she didn’t have anything to give
you but kind words, will that be enough?
Is the one you call Love enough?

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