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The Gift

August 20, 2020


Growing up, I believed prayer was like a list of needs we table before God and He in-turn provide solutions for those needs. And praying in tongues? That’s for “senior men of God” and deacons. Whenever a prayer point is raised and I heard people praying in tongues, I just assumed they’re pastors. The first time I heard my mum pray in tongues, I was shocked! All through fellowship that day, I kept wondering how she did it. When did she learn the language considering how stressful the nature of her job was? Was it during any of the church programs I didn’t attend? Many questions I kept asking myself on the inside.

At the age of 14, in teens church, we were taught about the Holy Spirit and that he fills us with the evidence of speaking in tongues. The message was still not so clear. We were taught that the Holy Spirit lives in us by virtue of new birth. If he lives in me, how come I can’t still speak in tongues? ( I had already given my life to Christ at this time.) Since I had no answer to my question, I just chose to believe that speaking in tongues was not for everybody.

One beautiful Sunday, after been taught by our teachers in teens church the pastor preaching raised some prayer points and asked us to speak in tongues at the end. Many of my mates were blasting in tongues but I wasn’t. Ehh! When was this gift shared that I wasn’t around to partake of it? Or was a different service organized to teach how to pray in tongues? Those of us who couldn’t speak yet were asked to come towards the altar for laying on of hands. Some spoke that day but I didn’t. I kept wondering why. The 3rd week of January in 2012 at a vigil, we were asked to pray for what we want. I said “Holy spirit I want to pray in tongues today”. Boom! I could hear myself speaking, I started jumping with joy.

Finally I got it by a simple prayer of faith. The moment you accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and savior of your life, you have the indwelling presence of the Holy spirit and speaking in tongues is for all believers, there is no exception.

Gift Ekele

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