Groaning Creation

February 28, 2022


Rocks intermixed with sands of uneven
sizes dancing to the shaking of the
rocky foundation
Gyrating in linear arrays to the stress
from the core of the earth
For on them three wooden crosses erected
However, the middle one was causing
this memorable displacement
The joyful stones danced to the beautiful
melodies of the sound waves.

A clashing of cymbals all across
A cacophony of noises heard in the hall
Many eyes gazed at the alter of the temple
in a total shock
The veil appeared to be suddenly  tired
of living
Ripping herself off from the very top
to the bottom
They loved her so much for she hid away
the light, yet they loved the shadow
she reflected
If the mosaic religion was a temple,
the condemners were the priests wielding
the sharp knives and dabbling her with
Her time was over, no she wasn’t tired,
a new convenant was being drafted.

A look of wonder by bystanders
At a point in time so close they hurled
the insults, yet at this point in time
they were in awe
A darkened cloud
A piercing shout
A shaking ground
Humans, so fickle in their nature
He transitioned, and took captivity captive
Ah, what an eternal glory we are covered with
As Zoe bursts through and in us!

1 John 5:11-12 NIV
And this is the testimony: God has given
us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.
[12] Whoever has the Son has life; whoever
does not have the Son of God does not
have life.


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