God’s Favourites

January 14, 2024


A thread was forwarded to me a few weeks ago
It was written by a lady who claimed that God has favorites and she was not one of them
She cited examples upon examples of how God does not answer her prayers regardless of how or when she prayed
She was full of lamentations

Many people on her timeline retweeted her tweet
I don’t know why people retweet stuff anymore
They either retweet because they agree with her and share her point of view or because they want to broadcast whatever she was saying to see if there are others who agree with her
I found the comments under the thread to be so so

The number of spiritually ignorant people on social media keeps increasing daily
That thread brought out many of them
Men and women whose understanding of God is based on how competent God is at running errands for them

People whose God is more of a spiritual houseboy

When you have the wrong concept of God, you will surely not have the right result in walking with him
Religion has done a number on the mindset of many so-called believers
They have forgotten how to think properly and put things in the right order


I exist to do the will of God
God does not exist to do my will

Ten ladies go out to do runs on a Friday night, they join hands and pray that God would send them generous patrons
They go out and one of them meets a guy who gives her a lot of money
The others don’t
Then it is

assumed that the one that got lucky is God’s favourite


God did not favour any of them
Their prayers were null and void
What happened to them was just life
If any of them was used for rituals, it still had no business of God in it
There is a place called “God’s will”
When you are not in that place, whatever you do is your will or another man’s will
Calling on God in prayer in that space is a waste of time

Imagine the prodigal son, praying in that faraway country for the father’s intervention without turning away from the wrong path and returning to the arms of his father
He would have prayed in vain
his older brother was balling
The prodigal son would say that the older brother was the favorite of the father

But when he returned to his father’s house, it was the brother that started complaining that He was the favorite


You are a favorite when you dwell in the midst of His will
The lines will fall unto you in pleasant places
You will enjoy the fullness of the father’s fatlings & the blessings of obedience
You wouldn’t even have to pray too much for stuff
You become a channel of blessing
The one through whom the blessings of the Lord flow effortlessly

This is the difference between dwelling in Egypt and Dwelling in Goshen
Many want to live their lives according to their own set designs and only require God to sign off on their decisions
Like having a child who makes all

the decisions (whether right or wrong, good or bad) but only requires you to sign off on it and foot the bill
And when you say no, the child throws tantrums
“Daddy does not let me do whatever I like”

Compare this to a child that carries you along and listens to your counsel daily

A child with whom you have a deep and strong relationship
What would you deny such a child?

Jesus said we assume we are more righteous than God when in our conduct with our own children we judge ourselves to be more loving or caring than God
God is not just a thing we pray to or talk to
God is a being, the first and the uncaused one, the one in whom all things consist
The only thing he gives in abundance is love
Love is His nature
God is love
To attribute partiality to him while walking outside the ambiance of His love is a terrible thing

It is like Adam accusing God of not loving him after he was thrown out of the garden or Esau accusing his father of not loving him after Jacob had stolen his blessing
The love of God was not the issue
The issue was with the characters who abused it and are still crying foul

For God so loved the World (this shows the whole world was God’s favorite) that He gave his only begotten son that whosoever (you have a choice) believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Those who don’t believe only have sin and death in their reality
Those who believe have grace and life in their reality

According to Romans 5
If you dwell in sin and death and pray from morning till the kingdom comes, you are wasting your breath

God does not dwell there and those who love the Lord will not dwell there

If you dwell in Grace and Life, however, all things are

yours without a struggle
Understanding this is key to answered prayer

You cannot blame God for facing the consequences of living in disobedience or for not answering your prayers when you are asking for things outside of His will

Imagine Jonah, who was sent to Nineveh but

who chose to head to Tarshish praying that God would calm the storm
And then saying God is wicked for not calming the storm
A storm that arose out of his own disobedience…

I have been in disobedience before, I know the pains and the struggle
When I decided to follow the leading of the Lord, I saw the ease and the prosperity
I became one of the “favorites” by simply walking into His will and abiding there
There is no other secret to enjoying the best of God than where we stand
You can complain all you want, there is nothing else for God to give that He

has not given
The ball is in your court
You cannot choose to walk in disobedience and insist God should fund your way through it or support you through it
It is not in his nature to support disobedience
And you cannot choose to walk in obedience and not eat the good of the land


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