September 9, 2021


I asked the Holy Spirit a question yesterday
I was half asleep and half awake, eyes closed, mind active
A thought came to me
It was about the building at Yaba, a building my former boss (A Pastor) asked me (his PA) to visit in order to restore some form of order.
I got to the Office late that day
I met my boss and this woman
The woman happened to be his immediate younger sister
He heard that she had left her husband’s house with their four children and instead of moving to another house, they moved into a church
My boss assumed that the pastor of the church had done something to tinker with his sister’s brain
My boss said it was his sister’s husband that called to report that his wife had abandoned him for a garment wearing pastor
So my boss called for a meeting and the sister showed up with her four children
The oldest was Twenty three years old, a student of Unilag
The story the woman told was crazy
She said her husband dabbled in the occult and as a result they started seeing strange beings in their house
She said sometimes she would be dragging the door with something that dragged it with her!
Twenty three years old, a student of Unilag
The story the woman told was crazy
She said her husband dabbled in the occult and as a result they started seeing strange beings in their house
She said sometimes she would be dragging the door with something that dragged it with her!
In his room
He did all this after he sent his wife and children on a holiday to the UK
They returned home to a redecorated house and didn’t suspect anything until they started having strange visitations in their own home
His wife said she had been to many churches and spiritualists
But nothing worked
Eventually she was introduced to a garment wearing church where the prophet told her that she must move out of the house immediately
The prophet told her not to move into any other house because the spirit will follow her and the children to any other location
She was told to move to the building in the church compound where cleansing work will be done for her and her children
She said she ignored the prophet
She moved to her husband’s second house at Omole Phase 1, and within twelve hours she was flogged mercilessly by an unseen being Her two younger children who moved with her were equally dealt with
That was when she sent for the other children and ran to the church for covering
She had assumed it would be a few days thing but it went on and on until her husband started making frantic calls to her family
It was an incredible story
My boss didn’t believe it
He said “How can I evil spirits be moving everywhere in Yaba? These fake prophets have found a way to milk his sister”
So he sent for the woman’s husband and he arrived within the hour
He had not seen his wife and
children for almost six months
Right in the presence of his wife and children
My boss asked him if everything his wife and children said were true
The man started crying
He mentioned names
The people who told him they wanted to fortify him for the next stage of his life
He was weary but he was helpless
He said he was told never to sleep outside his house for the next seven years, not even for one day if he does not want to pay in blood
And yet he barely slept a wink in the house
It was an interesting case until my boss said “Gbenga, you will go to Yaba now and stop this thing that is operating in their house”
He didn’t even pray with them or with me
The man was hungry!
As soon as they started leaving his office, he opened his bag and brought out his breakfast
I waited for the family to move to the reception
I went into my boss’s Office
I said “Sir, I didn’t get the instruction”
He said “Tell my driver to drive you to Yaba with them or you can take the church bus or your car. Deal with whatever that thing is. Thank you”
Upon 60k salary!
I don join Ghostbuster to PA duty
I couldn’t turn it down
The man (my boss) is a wonderful man who had allowed me the room to grow as a believer
He tolerated my excesses with grace
I will sometimes spend the whole day attending to people (prayer and counselling) than attend to him
He never for once complained
So I went with the driver
to Yaba
The family went with me!
I spoke in tongues for one hour in the sitting room of that house
No anointing oil or any other drama
When I was done, the entire family were on the carpet praying in tongues and manifesting the power of the Holy Spirit at various levels! One Crying, one sitting still, one laughing, others shaking.
That was the end of it.
The second time was at Ikorodu, I believe I wrote this story in full on
A house that all the labourers that worked on it while it was being built died within three months of
It’s completion
I was invited to this house by a Christian brother
A brother who got a job in Lagos, moved from Jos to this fine house marketed to him by an agent
He was out of cash and knew no one he could move in with
From the moment he stepped into the house he knew he was in
He was oppressed in his sleep every night and he saw things moving of their own accord several times
He sent me a tweet
I went to the house and told the demons that I have given the house to my ministering spirits!
I proceeded to fellowship with the angels for an hour!
Everything changed after I had left
The attacks and demonic sightings and manifestations stopped
The brother still lives in the house
He even started a table tennis club and football viewing centre in the house and the other flats were soon rented out
I didn’t have much at that time but I made up my mind I would buy haunted houses
I had totally forgotten all about it until that thought came to me yesterday
So no it wasn’t about chasing clout or not allowing the Devil’s sleeping dogs lie
If you know a haunted mansion, I will like to buy in any state of
I have a team of believers with whom I minister all over the world, instead of lodging in hotels, we can own these buildings and do wonderful things for the gospel with them

P.S The question I asked the Holy Spirit was “Can I buy and own haunted houses now?”
I believe you can deduce his answer from my tweets.
So if you come across a haunted house and it is for sale, kindly DM me
If you have one you want to give out for free too, kindly send me a message
It can be anywhere in the world, I will take it and bless you

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