Getting Even

January 25, 2021


A wife cheated in a marriage and it
was found out.
The husband felt used and abused.
After a long time of reflection, he
decided to revenge
To repay cheating for cheating!
He got online and started following
hookups and chat rooms with sexual
After sometime he got what
he wanted, a sexual engagement
with a lady online
They met at the hotel & he slept with
the lady
In his mind, he had evened the score
Days after the deed, things started
falling out of place for him
His conscience became heavy, he
couldn’t concentrate at work and
he felt no peace
He experienced all the emotions that
cheats and unfaithful people experience
all the time that robs them of self-respect
and human dignity
He had mortgaged his worth like Esau
mortgaged his birthright
He couldn’t confess the deed to his wife
because he was certain it would make
him look small and perhaps prompt
her to cheat again
While wallowing in his guilt, the lady
he cheated with chatted him up
It felt like a sign to him
A sign to see her again and connect
with her and unburden
He met with her again and she
became his escape from reality
She helped
him to put things in the wrong
“Everybody cheats…
“You’re wise to get yours…
“Live your life to please yourself…
“You never can tell what your
partner is up to…
It was what he wanted to hear
Before he knew it, he spent less
and less time at home with his wife
because her sight made him feel
guilty and to see himself for what he
hed become
The wife suspected what was
going on and would cry herself
to sleep every night telling herself
she caused it and it served her right
She cheated and had been told she
was forgiven but the backlash
was hard and hurtful.
She could decide to cheat again and
claim her husband was cheating too
but she didn’t like how the first
cheating experience made her feel
Being unfaithful changes you
Makes you feel hollow and empty
and sad
Being cheated upon makes you feel
rejected, unvalued and unloved
Neither of the two feelings were
She fell into depression
Her husband didnt even notice or
paid her any attention as she
struggled to live
Eventually, her husband discovered
that the lady he was cheating with
was also cheating on him
He had come to
expect faithfulness from her because
it is innate to expect faithfulness from
the one to whom you are committed
he went to check her in the apartment
he rented for her on a Sunday morning
and he found her having sex with another
It broke him
The sinking feeling he had been
dodging came back
He could run from it by cheating with
another person and becoming a
rabid dog or sit himself down and tell
himself that path only leads deeper
into the darkness
When Jesus told us not to repay evil
with evil, He said so in our best interest
The man eventually
returned home to God and confessed
his misdeed
He asked for forgiveness and cried for
The Holy Spirit heard him
The Holy Spirit said “I am a forgiving
and healing spirit, you abandoned me
when you pursued the course of the
flesh in the name of getting even.
You lost pace with me and lost ground
in your walk with me”
When he got home, he confessed his
sins to his wife and, apologized but it
was almost too late
His wife had developed heart palpitation
and high blood pressure
Emotional trauma had taken its hold
on her body
The Holy Spirit
stepped in and healed this family but
the experience left
an indelible mark
The flesh might ask for a pound of flesh,
when you yield to that demand you
lose a part of yourself.
Often times you find people who allow
their good character to be corrupted or
negatively influenced by
the bad behaviour or ill-treatment they
receive from others.
For instance, someone could decide
to stop greeting a neighbour or a colleague,
because each time he greets that neighbour
or colleague, he or she doesn’t answer.
To make such a decision would mean
that you’re allowing
someone’s bad behaviour change your
good character.
Never allow that to happen to you.
That a friend or an acquaintance took
undue advantage of your good behaviour
is no justification for you to change for
the worse.
Maintain your good character.
Keep on being the nice, loving
and caring one; it will pay off.
The question to ask before making a
decision to change your good
behaviour should be:
“Was it right for me to do what I did?”
If it was right, then you shouldn’t
change it because someone else
doesn’t like it
Don’t be moved by the negative
actions, comments or ill-treatments
from others.
Rather, respond in love to those who
hurt or despitefully use you.
If you act this way, you’ll be protecting
your own spirit and at the same time
promoting love, harmony and unity.
Make the quality choice not to allow
someone’s bad behaviour change your
good character.

PS: This material (drawn of a true-life
story) was prepared by -GSW- for the
GSWMI Relationship and Marriage
Classes will commence on February
1, 2021

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