Get That Consent

January 30, 2022


Let me say this boldly when you’re with
a woman on the same bed, even if she
is naked, don’t assume she is willing to
sleep with you.
If she allowed you to touch those sensitive
parts and even open her legs for your
fingers to roam, if she says “stop”
It doesn’t matter if she is
Your wife, babe, or girlfriend!
It doesn’t matter if she is your side chick
or your side hen, even if she got paid to
get on your bed, my brother, PLEASE,
It may be painful, especially if you
have done the do in your mind
She might seem like an ingrate, if you
have spent so
Much money or used all your wits to
get her to even be on that bed with you
You may feel hurt, used, abused or
Don’t teach her a lesson, don’t do
anything, just let her be!
You’re asking if it is that easy, hmmm
Let me tell you the alternative!
If you go ahead and
have your way
You’re a rapist!
That label does not go away easily,
it has ruined many
If she calls the police or goes to the
authorities to report after the do has
been done
The kind of trouble you will get into
will lead you to places you never
assumed you could ever go!
A woman owns her own body even in
a marriage
A man also owns his own body
The irony of the whole matter is this,
women enjoy sec more than men but
only if they say “come”, if a woman
didn’t say “come” every thrust will be
a year of anguish for you and she will
count it!
If you finish too early, the disappointment
will make her lengthen your jail term
If you finish very late and she even
gasped with orgasm, the avalanche of
trouble coming your way will make you
swear never to have sex with anybody
The psychological trauma alone and
the way people will start
looking at you afterward, on my, you
have to consider this things
I am a Christian and I believe people
should be married before having sexual
relations but this counsel goes to all
Sir, even if you have been married for
20 years and you have five children,
her “no” is not a suggestion
It is a command!
Even if you have logged in and then
she changes her mind and asked you to
log out
My brother, do this with alacrity
Turn around and get out of that bed
Intact get out of the room
If it is during the day, you can leave the
house and take a long stroll
If it is at night, take your phone and
start browsing or reading something,
Take your mind off it!
A cold shower will help and so will a
movie like “beautiful mind” or “Jack Reacher”
avoid any romantic movies at this time
and keep far away from pornography!
Don’t add petrol to fire
If you have taken a pill before you got
that no and the pill is making your
body shiver with desire go to the kitchen,
boil some water and get a towel
It is time to massage yourself
You can cry a little, it will relieve the tension
See, it will soon be morning
Or the whatever will soon come down
After it comes down, assess your options
You can break up in peace and send me a
message asking to be saved
I will be there for you or you can have a
discussion with her and be gentle about it
Remember that you will get an opportunity
to say no too someday, if you so desire
So the No can go both ways
Refuse to be bitter, as horny as dogs can
get I have seen
then taking a no without getting violent
Are you not better than them?
If you learn to control your passion and
temper, you may get to gallop on that
horse again for many years
But forcing it this one time may mean the
end of galloping on any horse for many
Remember my candid advise pls
Don’t get yourself in a pickle
If you’re hungry and you know a plate of
food on your table is poisoned, you won’t
eat it
The same goes for sex without consent
That hole has buried many glories, save
Finally, if she is wearing a short gown
or skirt
she is not asking for it or tempting you
She didn’t wear it for you or on your neck
She wore it for herself
If she opens her legs and you can see
She might like you watching but not like
sleeping with you
You have an option of looking away
There is no argument you
can tender
Once you enter the place illegally, the door
will close and you will be in that jail for a
long time.
Remember my counsel
Her “Yes” is sacrosanct!
Even if she does not report and you
get away with it, you’re still a rapist!
That thing does something strange to
your mind and changes who you are
at your core
Remember this!
I love you with all my heart

PS: You can send me a DM if you have
been raped or going through any issues
regarding this
I promise you my discretion and the
healing balm of Christ.
08072744871 is my WhatsApp number
My DM is also open
Let’s save ourselves from a ruined future
God bless you

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