February 18, 2021


I remember having a vision once
I was sleeping on the couch in my
sitting room when the glory of the
Lord ushered me from this plane
to another
In that vision, I was in a classroom
and I was taking note as I was being
given instructions on how to handle
the kingdom’s resources
that will be coming my way in the
next 5 years
I was a personal assistant at the time
The year was 2018, August the 28th
The vision was vivid
It wasn’t the first time I would be in
such a scenario
In the past, I always made the mistake
of assuming I would wake up with the
notebook on which i was writing all
the instructions lying beside me
By the time I wake up and began to
struggle to remember the details of the
vision, I will find myself remembering
about fifty percent of the information
It used to bother me that I wouldn’t
carry out instructions to the letter
and somehow I would make a mistake
which the Holy Spirit would frown upon
but as I grew in my walk with the
Holy Spirit, I realized I can commit
the instructions to mind by the spirit
and bring them to memory in the
place of prayer.
Jesus Christ told the disciples that the
Holy Spirit will bring into their
remembrance all the things they have
learned of him and will also teach
them new things
So what I do is pay attention to the
instructions as much as possible and
then pray as the vision is closing that
the Holy Spirit will bring all that I have
been told to memory or move me to
carry them out when I get to the
point of execution
I had been a personal assistant since
March 2014 and I have been praying
to God to show me the next thing
he would want me to do with my life
as I grow in my walk with him
The job was not so dignifying
I remember a colleague of mine
told me he couldn’t tell his children
what he did for a living because he
overheard them asking their mother
if some pastors have or owned slaves
He said his wife asked the children
what they saw and the children
pointed out that they saw a pastor
whose bible and jacket and so on was
carried by another man who was
acting like his slave
His wife tried her best to convince
the children that it was an
Elijah/Elisha thing, to which the children
asked if the slaves would eventually
become big pastors
At that point, his wife couldn’t cough up
any more answers
My colleague heard the conversation
and came to the office lamenting about it
He said his children may not amount to
anything in life if they saw their father
as one of those slaves they were talking
I laughed and told him there is dignity in
Being a PA was not so bad but it was,
especially in church settings
Most PA’s are treated worse than dogs
(A lady actually called me a houseboy
once and I promptly introduced my wife
to her the following Sunday by saying
“Bukola, this is the lady that called me
a houseboy last Sunday”
The lady almost fainted with
She avoided me like a plague from that
As I spent more time on the church
(I was fast approaching 40)
I began to tell myself I needed a fresh
spring from above
Younger guys who could benefit from
being a PA
would come to my office and I would
feel guilty for being in the way of their
gainful employment
The job was meant for fresh graduates
who were looking to find their feet in life
The pay was poor and the work hour
unbefitting for a married man
The previous PA resigned because he
couldn’t spend time at home with his
young bride
After months of praying, the Holy Spirit
finally told me one day that he has
given me a river and things will change
very soon
I waited eagerly for further instructions
which came in the form of that vision
A white marker board with a 2018-2023
plan outlined on it
I took notes furiously, I didn’t want to
forget anything
I wrote and read what I was reading out
loud so that when I come out of the vision
I will remember as much of the instructions
as possible
Suddenly there was a voice, a strange
The voice was thrusting sharper and
deeper into my subconscious and
interrupting this glorious vision
I tried very hard to shut it out but it
continued to rise in feverish pitch
until I was plugged back to reality on
the couch in my flat in Ketu, Lagos
It was sheer wickedness
I almost cried
I laid down again to continue the vision
but I couldn’t
The voice continued to pierce through
the night like the cries of a hungry owl
It was the voice of a woman
She was located in the next building
The next building was a bakery and
something must have provoked
her to pray
She was praying those fear-mongering
prayers many will call “warfare” prayers
She was singing those senseless songs
concocted in ignorance called “warfare”
She was burning down altars and killing
demons at will and she was disturbing
my life in a very wicked way
I could barely restrain myself from walking
to the bakery and screaming at her to
shut up
If I did that, I knew I would never be
able to bring that vision back
I waited patiently from 3 AM to 5 AM
As I waited, I prayed that God will help
me wear her out so that she can go back
to sleep
I really needed that vision to move to
the next phase of my life
It was more important than anything at
the time
She eventually finished her prayer
around 5 AM
I laid down again to sleep but the vision
refused to come back
I tried very hard
After an hour of summoning, I gave
I took a pen and paper and began to
write down the things I could remember
The very first was “Build me a website”
When I got to the office that morning, a
message was waiting for me on Twitter
A website developer from Ilorin who
was stranded in Lagos
He was in my DM and was not for begging
for money but asked if i have a website
project in mind that he could build for me
That was how I began to execute that
divine plan
The website was followed by the
commencement of intercessory prayers
on whatsapp and later on Telegram
Night of Glory soon followed and
PSSBC was established in February 2019
From 2018 till now I can say that I have
followed that plan as led by the
Holy Spirit
@pssbcnigeria is three years old and
three days old today
It is currently running its school 8
The gospel has flourished through
the school and the GSW ministries
As for the part of the vision that I
couldn’t capture, they evolved over
@gswmiWM @GSWMICoZ_ @GswmiFirebrand
@gswmicsr @gswmithegathering
@gswmioutreaches and many others
sprang to life in the course of pursuing
the parts of the vision I remember
I finally left the PA job in November 2019,
five months away from my 40th Birthday!

PS: God has a plan for your life
Divine plans are unraveled in the place
of prayer
Instead of complaining and groping
please pray and walk with the Holy
He is the divine guide and the key that
unlocks divine plans for every one of us
When you pray. dont pray out of fear
Dont cast and bind and curse and kill
Jesus didn’t pray such prayers
Dont pray with the mindset of enemies
are many and adversaries are plenty
Those sort of prayers ara born of fear
and disbelief
The day you gave your life to Christ, you
became a new creature in a new kingdom
Old things passed away!
You’re now a member of the assembly
of the saints in light
Pray with this mindset
Those who pray the wrong prayers based
on fear of demons and enemies and so on,
are often STUCK IN ONE SPOT.
This is because these sort of prayers
satisfies the self and does not glorify
God cannot not be sent on foolish errands
When you pray, pray in faith
and pray meaningful and purposeful
Seek God’s face and fellowship with
the Holy Spirit
He will make your way prosperous
When you engage in distractions in the
name of prayer, you will waste your time
creating and fighting unreal enemies
Be wise.

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