May 10, 2021


He was told one night while he was
sleeping that his time on this side of
eternity will be very short
He saw it himself
He was standing by the side of a river
A river that was as clear as crystal
He knew the river was not of this world
He was dressed in a three-piece suit
and he was holding in his left hand an
excavation material
Something that looked like a funnel
and a hose
It was puzzling because he kept starring
around looking for the keg or bucket
he was supposed to be drawing water
from but there was none
He stood by the river for a long time as
if he was lost in thought
Then he took off his suit and waistcoat
He laid the two by the riverbank
He took off his necktie too
He didn’t hear or think any words
It was like watching a silent movie
As he was about to take off his shirt
He saw an elderly man
‘The man walked down a narrow path
to the river
The man was elderly
His hair was very white with some
black strands
The man was dressed in a black attire
The man did not even give him a
second glance
The man walked right into the river
until he disappeared into the water
He had expected to see the man
swimming but no, the man just kept
walking despite the fact that he was
inside the water
The man later re-emerged at the
other side of the river dressed in a
golden attire
Somewhere along the line, while he
was under the water, his attire changed
It was a fascinating sight
It was both frightening and endearing
He knew if he jumped into the river he
would likely not return to the side he
was standing by
He was sure his garment would change
and he would be gone forever
He took off his shoes and his socks
He really wanted to dive into the river
Just as he was about to take off his
He heard a familiar voice
It was the voice of His father
“Son, where are you going?” said
the voice
He knew where he was going but he
was reluctant to tell his father the truth
He wanted to reply but he somehow
kept silent
He took his suit, shirt, and trousers
and began to walk away from the
Every step he took was heavy
He really didn’t want to go back but
just as he got back to the narrow path
He felt a strong impression in his heart
It felt strongly like a definite date with
It felt like “You will soon be back”
That was the moment he woke up
from that vision
The moment he became conscious,
he became unhappy
He was really disappointed that he was
back on this side of the divide
He also realized he had been preserved
so that he can make things right
The first thing he did was write his
last will and testament
He wrote it on his phone and sent it
to his email
Around 10am that same morning he
went to his fiancee’s house and
broke up with her
What she was seeing was no longer
what he was seeing
He didn’t want to be held back whenever
he found himself by the side of that
river again
He wanted to be free of all forms of
hesitation and encumbrances
He was sure she was a factor
He met her at the teens’ church when
he was fifteen
She was in the choir
He was one of the instrumentalists
She was from a good Christian home
They somehow became friends
That was how it all started
He took her home to meet his parents
when he turned 16
His mother took to her instantly
Heloved her more than life itself
That was why he broke up with her
He knew she could commit suicide
or go into a forever depression
because of him
If there was one person for whom he
would have preferred to live for, it
would be her
She wanted forever or as long as
possible with him.
That was her deal but he had found
something deeper than human love
and its ominous shades
He had found the doorway to destiny
and he was determined to walk
through it
He wanted to hurry through the rest of
his days and depart without any delay
His mother was shocked when she
heard that he had called it off
She probed him to know why but he had
nothing to say to her
How would a son tell his mother that
he was in a hurry to shed his mortality
He knew his truth and he embraced it
as his reality
He only told his mother he was no longer
interested in the relationship
He waited every night for the vision to
return but it didn’t happen
Days turned into months
He graduated from the University and
got a job
His parents got on his case about settling
He met another lady and got married
He knew the day would come but he
didn’t know when
He had his children
He clocked thirty-five
He clocked forty
The memory of the vision receded
One day he called his ex-girlfriend,
the one he left without a good explanation
He was married with children and
so was she
He apologized
He told her the reason for which he
did what he did was to protect her
He wished her well in her marriage
and blessed her children
His ex-girlfriend forgave him
She told him she forgave him when his
mother came for her wedding and sat
down through the ceremony apart
from supporting her financially
She said she knew if was meant to be,
it would be
They ended the phone call on a very
cheerful note
By this time his properties and worth
had increased greatly
He visited his will again and updated it
He was looking forward to another
birthday with joy and expectation
He got home one evening andtook a nap
Suddenly he saw the river again
This time he walked right into it without
any hesitation
As he was walking under the river, he
realized the river he saw earlier was a
tick cloud with wavesThe “river” was
not a natural one
Those who walk into it do not need to swim
they find themselves walking on solid earth
beneath the body of a cloud that looks
like water from afar
They see clearly and breathe normally
By the time he emerged at the other side,
his clothes had changed to golden light
It was an adornment like no other
It was wonderfull
He saw the wonders he had seen and longed
for up close
He had shed the weight of mortality
He was home
Some hours later he was discovered dead
in his bed
People made frantic efforts to bring him
back into his mortal nature but that sun
was already at the west
it had set in glory

PS: For the believer, a setting sun on
this side of time, is s rising sun
on the other side of time
He or she rides the eagle with calm
You have defeated death in Christ
When the time to fly comes
Spead your wings and fly!


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