Floodgates of Worship

February 19, 2022


We were all little children once,
the kind called Nepios in Greek.
I asked to be made the
minister of the choir in a
church full of young talented
people in the choir but
slacking the manifestation of the fire
of the Holy Spirit.The choir
was rocked by scandals under the
previous minister and I felt I
could do better with the choir.
I could barely hold a note
but my heart is full of
divinely-inspired melodies.

The pastor felt I could be
of help and obliged me.
I began holding meetings with
the choir. At such meetings,
we prayed and sang in the
spirit for hours. It didn’t make
any sense at first. In fact,
the pastor protested that the choir
was singing in tongues too much
during the Sunday services and I
was berated several times but I
stuck to my guns. I was
determined to stir the pneuma in
their hearts until the dam broke.

Around this time two new members
joined the choir on the same day.
One of them is Bolatito ‘Aria’
Arogunmaya also known as the Lion.
She is the wife of Biodun Arogunmaya,
a super talented minstrel of Christ
Her voice in the spirit is
the roaring of many waters.
She bought into the waves of
glory that season. We would
hold vigils and she would sing
for hours until her voice was
gone and then a new voice
would begin to sing through her
by the spirit. In the early
days of “Night of Glory” at Ogudu,
Bolatito was the most consistent of
them all. When we moved to
Surulere, I had to leave her and
the entire choir behind to move
on with the ministry committed into
my hands.

The First Night of Glory we
had in Surulere, Bolatito, and the
entire team surfaced after I had
paid some minstrels to fill in
the gap. She said “Do you
really think you can walk away
from us? You think we will
not show up?” Since then I
have watched this minstrel grow
into a huios in Benin, Delta,
Port Harcourt, Abuja, Ibadan, and other
cities where we have been led
to minister by the Holy Spirit.
I have seen her operate in
unique dimensions of the spirit
Her husband has featured in many of
our services too with the full
manifestation of grace
and glory.
As a family, they are not just
special to me, they are His flock and
I have been instructed to call them
my siblings.

The Lord brought me in contact
with Ihuoma Isong in 2019.
She was already established in a
church in Gbagada as a minstrel.
She came to me with a young
lady who was experiencing some
demonic afflictions and needed to be
set free. We prayed for that
young lady, she was delivered and
Sister Ihuoma started showing up at
our programs. She already had an
album out at the time but
I was yet to experience the
fullness of the glory deposited in her,
until we had a praise concert.
My God!

Demons practically jumped out of the
oppressed at the sound of her voice.
A few weeks ago in Gbagada,
she sang for only fifteen minutes
and the whole auditorium was overtaken
by the ministering angels she summoned
from the realms of glory.
I have watched this glory burn
brighter and brighter as she ministered
in rural crusades in Alata village,
Ita-ogbolu,mega churches, and evangelistic
ministrations all over Nigeria!

Brother Babafemi’s prophetic ministry
took flight from the springs of wonders
in 2021. He had always been
a minstrel but the Holy Spirit
took him deep into the prophetic
and he emerged with a supernatural
effulgence of glory.
Under his ministration,
I have seen spiritual gifts activated in
the saints without restrain.
You need to hear the flow of the spirit,
the song of angels, and the
heartbeat of heaven when he
ministers. His epignosis is not
just a ladder in the spirit,
it is an ushering in of the
atmosphere for miracles, signs
and wonders.

Pastor Eyitayo Felix and I met
supernaturally in 2019. I was
in my office in Magodo when
the Holy Spirit said to me
“One like you is coming”.
My phone rang.
I picked. He said “The Holy Spirit
said I should come and meet
with you” We met and it was
just as the Holy Spirit said it
would be. When Pastor Eyitayo
started the Pneuma Platform by divine
instruction, I knew it was forged
divinely so that the glory of the
Holy Spirit may be given an
expression through the saints.

This Saturday, 19th February 2022,
the Pneuma Platform is holding a
special worship service titled
“Floodgates of Worship”.
The very first time I saw the heavens
open was in a worship
service in 2007. I was supposed to
minister at that service but I
The spirit of God took over and
my life was changed forever.

I will be attending this meeting.
GSWMI ministers from all over the
world will be attending this meeting
both onsite and online. We have made
reservations and prepared ourselves
to receive of His fullness over and
I am asking, with all humility, that you
come to this meeting.

We are coming to drink,
to soak, to get drunk in
His spirit, to be quickened, to be
strengthened, to be empowered,
to be revived, to fellowship, to His
presence, to be established, to be
furnished, to grow, to learn of him
and to dispense his verities to His
church freely. We are coming into
the beloved in this great cloud of
witnesses, to Mount Zion, to the
city of the living God (Where we
dwell and which dwells in us),
to feast with the church of
the firstborn, to thousands of angels
in joyful assembly, to God, to the
spirit of just men made perfect,
to Jesus the mediator, to the
fullness of His Spirit without

In this meeting, so many glorious
things will happen. I am inviting
of the gospel both in word and
music to create the time to be
at this meeting.
I am asking the sick,
infirm and afflicted to
find their way to this meeting
I am asking the cursed and
the broken to come to this
river for their full restoration
This is the call of the shofar,
this is the beckoning of
the light unto His people
The lamb is saying come!
The Spirit is saying come!
The gathering is saying, come!



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