Finding Context

April 6, 2021


It started as a simple conversation
I was contemplating the death and
the resurrection of Jesus and engaging
the Holy Spirit in a conversation
I said “Do you know that Jesus was
the one that declared himself as the
resurrection and the life?
Was it possible that if Jesus didn’t
make that declaration he wouldn’t
have resurrected from the dead as
he did?
He practically owned death before
he died
I know that He “said” so that we can
boldly say
I practice this to devastating effect
in my life and ministry but i always
felt the “Resurrection and the Life”
was an exclusive preserve of Jesus
The question always lingered in my
Was I supposed to start declaring
that I am the resurrection and the
life too?
Will that be appropriate seeing that
I had not had to stand before a grave
and declare “Lazarus, come forth”
like Jesus did?
The Holy Spirit said “Do you want to
stand before a grave and declare
“Lazarus, come forth” as Jesus did?
I said yes
He said “Okay”
I went back to my contemplations, I
always internalize the words of Jesus
Sometimes I would personalize the
words and say them out loud
All his words are spirit and they are
life but I always struggled with calling
myself the resurrection and the life
I do say it out loud but it always
lacked conviction in my heart
Like I was stretching it a bit
Jesus didn’t just call himself the
resurrection and the life out of the
blue, it had a very dramatic context
i wanted that context
That was the crux of my musings
that day
Two days after that day, I suddenly
saw a certain amount of money in
my bank account
As soon as I saw the deposit, i knew
it was for a project the Holy Spirit had
in mind
I always know when a certain amount
of money was for Him and His projects
I am a custodian of the treasure boxes
of heaven for kingdom projects in this
A divine banker of sorts
I knew that deposit was for HIM
Yesterday, I was in Lagos to honour
the invitation of Sister Wunmi Olatubosun
and her husband
They held a worship and praise concert
at Theikos Doxa very early in the
Just as the service was about to start
I got a message on Whatsapp
One of my brothers had been arrested
and detained by the police due to a
business transaction he was involved in.
The brother himself sent me two words
at first and then another sister
sent me the blow by blow account
of the issue and asked that I intervene
I couldn’t respond appropriately
because the service has started
Ironically, because it was Easter
Monday, the songs and conversations
were all around the death and
resurrection of Jesus
I got on the altar to speak
I found myself discussing the
resurrection of Lazarus, not Jesus!
I shared about Jesus announcing
himself to the world as the resurrection
and the life before raising Lazarus
from the dead
The natural order ought to be raising
Lazarus from the dead and then
“boasting” about it
After the service, we went to have
Easter pounded yam and bushmeat
with the Olatubosuns at their Lagos
It was the first time I had a meal in
their Lagos home and I ate heartily
Another message came in from an
unknown number
The person introduced himself as the
younger brother to the brother that
was arrested
He sent me a message explaining in
detail what had happened and the
progress that had been made on the
I replied to him that I was still in Lagos
I left Lagos by 5 pm, I got home around
6 pm
I got another message
The younger brother said they were still
at the police station
This was close to 7 pm
I asked him where the police station
He sent me the address
It was fifteen minutes drive from my
I said “Holy Spirit, I am so tired”
The Holy Spirit said “So was Jesus
when he had to walk a full day to
Judea to raise Lazarus from the dead!”
Then it hit me
That was my resurrection and life context
A brother had been locked up somewhere
and I was to play the role of Jesus and
say “Lose him and let him go”
I raced to the police station and settled
the matter (It took almost three hours)
Guess how much I had to pay to settle
the debt?
The exact amount that came into my
account that I kept aside for the use
of the Holy Spirit’s project
The brother’s debt was fully paid and
he was bailed out by 9:40pm
I rushed home and had to take some
time to rest before the @pssbcnigeria
School 9 class commenced by 10pm
By 4 AM this morning, the Holy Spirit
said “The quickening you felt in your
bones, knowing you can resolve the
challenge and ensure the brother
slept on his bed last night, was the
same quickening Jesus felt in his
bones knowing Lazarus wouldn’t
remain dead if he intervened.
You will always be as Jesus is in this
I got the message
I am the resurrection and the life in
Christ. Hallelujah

PS: Set the Lord always before you
Set him always at the centre of your
Set him always at your right hand
Talk to Him, share with him, focus
on him, love Him, abide in him
The Holy Spirit is not as abstract as
many of us assume
The more you know him, the more
He reveals His form to you

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