February 3, 2021


She called him Man of God
He called her daughter
He was fifteen years older than her
He was a minister of the gospel
She was a lawyer
She had followed his ministry since
the days she was a student at the
University of Ife
He went to minister at one of the
campus fellowships and
she saw the mighty miracles God
did through him
When she got home she told her
mother all about him
Her mother told her she ought to have
taken advantage of the occasion to
ask the Man of God to pray for her
Her mother told her she was a
beneficiary of such a grace when
she was an undergraduate
Her mother said a minister of the
gospel came to the University of Ibadan
and some of her friends went for the
programme and came back to the hostel
screaming with awe
Her mother (She had slept off and didn’t
go for the programme) set out for the
venue as soon as
her roommates were calm enough to
tell her all the mighty miracles and signs
they saw during the programme
When she got to the hall, the Man of God
was still around
She went on her knees and he blessed her
Three days later, she met her husband at
the recruitment event organized
some companies
She went hoping to get employed into
the Nigerian Customs and she ended up
falling in love with the recruiter sent to
their school by the Nigerian Customs
Three years later she was happily
married and had opened her
ophthalmology practice.
She knew it didn’t happen
by chance
She knew the grace of God was released
upon her in the place of prayer and she
was always grateful for it
She never attended the Man of God’s
church or met him again but that fateful
day remained an encounter she could
never forget
She reminded her daughter of this
story when her daughter told her about
this man of God she met on campus
who was walking in the supernatural
As soon as her mother reminded her of
the story, she promised herself she
would locate the man of God and get
him to pray for her
She searched for his handle on the
social media and began to follow his
He was an itinerant preacher who
travels a lot
She was sure the wind would bring him
her was eventually, and it did
He was invited to minister in a church in
Kano, she and her parents were living
in Abuja
Her life was at a standstill at the
Even though she was employed in a law
firm, her job was more like that of a
personal assistant
She was earning stipends and there was
no immediate prospect of advancement
She wanted to go for her Masters in law
but the school she wanted was quite
expensive and her parents
couldn’t afford to sponsor her to England
as she desired
She really needed a break
So she packed her bags, withdrew her
savings, and took a flight to Kano to
attend the ministration of the Man of God.
She got to the venue on time and the
atmosphere was charged by the
Holy Spirit
She waited until the man of God stepped
down from the altar before approaching him
The ushers wanted to stop her but the
Man of God motioned them to let her be
She fell on her knees just as her
mother did
The man of God blessed her and left
By the time she got back to Abuja the
following day, a letter of employment
was waiting for her from the chambers
of a lawyer she met when she went to
file some petitions
They had a brief chat and both of them
went their separate ways
The meeting was over two years
before that day
How the man still remembered her was
a mystery
She took the job and her fortunes changed
Unlike her mother, she sent her tithe to the
ministry account of the man of God and
became an online member
There are many pastors and prophets in
Nigeria but her spirit clung to the man of
God and his ministry
As the year 2018
was coming to an end, the man of God
announced that he had been invited to
Abuja to minister at a pentecostal church
She sent him messages immediately that
she would like to see him during the event
He replied her by giving her an
appointment but the event was
jam-packed and she
couldn’t even get a seat in the church
She really wanted to see the man of God
but the people that brought him to the
city kept his location secret and
refused to share any information with her
A door of opportunity to study abroad
suddenly opened in her new office,
she was not
even qualified to apply because she
was a new staff but she was sure if
he prayed with her, she would get it
She was desperate and she tried her
best but she wasn’t able to see him
before he returned to his city
Throughout that week she was not
herself, by Thursday she picked her
phone and called the office of the
Man of God
She told the secretary it was a family
She said her family wanted to have
a close of the year prayer meeting
with the Man of God
She explained that his ticket fee and
accommodation etc shall be taken
care of
He just needed
make himself available for one day
before the end of the year
The secretary got back to her after
30 minutes that December 27 was
She booked the ticket & the hotel
The man of God came and blessed
her family
By January 2nd, her boss decided
to sponsor two people for the trip
to the UK
The one that had been chosen and her
Just like that
She knew what worked for her
Her parents threw a lavish party when
they heard the news
The year had started on a perfect
She traveled by September that
same year
The lines had fallen unto her in pleasant
She called and shared her testimony
with the man of God
The Holy Spirit had specially ordained
him to be a blessing unto her
She kept in touch with the ministry
She never missed a church service
and she grew in the knowledge of Christ
She also began to pray in the spirit
and by
the end of her first session, she was
completely transformed
Then the Man of God was invited to
minister in Wales
It was too good an opportunity to
miss out on
She got on the first available train and
got to the church a day before the
programme began
She told the ministers of
the church that she was the advance
party for the man of God
She sent the man of God a message
and all the man of God did was send
back a smiling emoji
He didn’t travel with an entourage
She was his entourage, his protocol
The ministration went well
The man of God had
other meetings in the UK
They left Wales together by train to
The man of God lodged into a hotel
She sat at the reception and acted
as his PA
A lot of people wanted to see him
She worked all-day
When the last person left, he ordered
food for the two of them
They ate and
she went home
(Her school and flat were in Cardiff)
The next morning, she had arrived
to resume her PA duty
The number of people reduced some
but she still worked all-day
While attending to people in a private
room, she had access to his hotel
room keys and all
Whenever he needed
anything from his luggage she would
run upstairs to his room to get it
By that evening she was spent
When the last person left the private
room, the man of God found her asleep
on the chair at the reception
He woke her up and told her to go and
take a nap in his room
He waited at
the reception until she came down later
that evening
She went home
By the time she returned to the hotel
the third day, there was nobody at
the reception
The man of God was still asleep
She walked upstairs to his room and
He opened the door and she walked in
It felt so
They talked a bit
They ate
He joked and he laughed
She talked and he listened
At a point, she wanted to use the
bathroom and walked right by him
His body brushed hers and she turned
They kissed and clothes started splitting
like the red sea
Somehow they got on the
bed and the man of God’s hands began
to do signs and wonders
She waited for him to finish it after the
The man of God couldn’t
He busted into tears, hot tears
It was totally unexpected, anticlimactic
and it made her feel self-conscious
She got up and dressed up and left
He never called her again
She never called him too
She stopped following his church online
She was angry for many reasons
Not because she didn’t know he was
married with children and what happened
was wrong but because it felt like he
rejected her
it made her skin crawl in shame

PS: She told me this story in tears
Many months after the incidence
They didn’t have sex and yet she
couldn’t pray
She didn’t feel like being close to God
She was just angry and she couldn’t explain why
The Holy Spirit stepped in and helped her
He restored her to Himself

GSW’s notes: There are some boundaries
that once they are crossed, they will ruin
a great thing forever
There is no coming back from them
There is no recovery
We must nurture our relationships and
avoid crossing boundaries that will
ruin everything
In this case, the lady lost an asset and
a friend
The Man of God lost a daughter and
his reputation
Familiarity is the culprit.

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