Falling into Place

January 18, 2021


Valentines week of 2015

He traveled to her school to
spend the week with her
It was a yearly ritual they
had since they became lovers
They always spent the valentine
week together wherever
they found themselves
The previous year, ASUU was on
strike and they spent the week
in each other’s company
It was her idea
The Valentine week ritual
She told him right after they
started dating that February 14
was a hoax in her opinion
Most people with multiple lovers
find a way to satisfy all their
She said she had older brothers
and many male friends
She had also been room mates with
ladies with multiple partners
She said she cannot trust anybody
who wouldn’t spend the whole week
from February 10-february 17 with
He felt she was being overdramatic
but since he had nothing to hide,
he fell in-line
She was the most dedicated
lover he ever had
She was clingy in a wonderful way
She was his best friend and his
He arrived at her school on
February 10
He had a cousin who was also a
student in her school
Whenever he went to see her, he
stayed with his cousin
Their relationship was sacred to
the two of them
He was determined to make things
work and so was she
They met at a fast food joint on
campus the very day he got to her
He had saved towards the week and
had more than enough to cater to
their needs
She bought some stuff and they
decided to take a stroll
Just as they walked out of the restaurant
he heard his name
He turned back to see two ladies
One of them was smiling and looked very
He stopped and turned
Her face lit up in his
She was his old friend, the one that
attended Wasley College with him in
secondary School
They shook hands and he introduced his
babe to his old friend
They had some small talk
His old friend asked him where he was
He gave her the address of his cousin
She promised to check on him if she
could spare the time
He and his babe took their leave some
minutes later
That evening, after his babe had gone
to her hostel, he sat with his cousin
They were listening to some music and
talking generally
He told his cousin that he met his old
His cousin also attended Wesley College
and they were all in the same class
His cousin told him the
old friend was always asking of him
The next day, his babe came to check
on him
He told his babe his old friend had
called him earlier in the day and told
him she would be coming around to see
him that evening
His babe said No!
She said they could catch up at another
time but not
during their valentine’s week ritual
He tried to reason with her but she
insisted it can never happen
They were still talking about it when
his old friend arrived in company of
another friend
His babe was barely able to keep it
He had never seen her so territorial
and unreasonable before
His old friend spent an hour with them
before taking her leave
As soon as she was gone, his babe said
“When your friend was here, I had a
deja vu moment. It was as if I have
seen that scene before in a dream or
a vision.
It was weird but in that dream, I saw
and your old friend holding hands and
making promises to each other like
He laughed so much that his tummy
started hurting him
Jealousy can provoke the imagination
in so many ways
The deja vu story was a classic case
of jealousy and manipulation in his
He told his babe to perish the thought
The valentine week went on without
a hitch
He returned to his school
In June 2015 he was in school,
working on his final year project
when he got a phone call from home
His mother had taken ill and his
siblings were scared she might die
He dropped everything and boarded
the next available bus home
When he got home, his father and
younger sister drove him to the
When he got to the hospital, he
found his mother asleep in a
hospital bed
Next to his mother’s bed was
another woman who was ill
As he turned to greet the
woman and her minders, he heard
his name
He turned around and to his shock
saw his old friend
The one he went to Wesley College
The one his babe had a deja vu
moment about
His old friend’s mother was ill
and of all the rooms they could
have given her in the hospital,
they put her in the same room as
his mother
He and his old friend somehow got
His mother spent 10 days in the
He was with her for three days
By the time he got back to school,
everything had changed
He couldn’t explain how but things
were no longer the same
His babe acted the same way she had
always acted and he responded the
same way he had always responded but
they started growing apart
By September 2015 when he was posted
for NYSC, his relationship was over
It died a natural death
In December 2015, when he traveled
home to spend Christmas
with his parents, his old friend came
They got talking again
One thing led to the other
He asked her out
She said yes
In October 2016, he proposed
She said YES!
They got married in August 2018

PS: He said things just fell into
She said things just fell into

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