Experiencing His Fullness?

March 18, 2021


For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in
a human body. – Colossians 2:9

2 Peter 1
19We have also a more sure word
of prophecy; whereunto ye do well
that ye take heed, as unto a light
that shineth in a dark place, until
the day dawn, and the day star
arise in your hearts: 20Knowing
this first, that no prophecy of the
scripture is of any private
interpretation. 21For the prophecy
came not in old time by the will of
man: but holy men of God spake
as they were MOVED by the Holy
Luke 2:25-38 CEB
A man named Simeon was in
Jerusalem. He was righteous and
devout. He eagerly anticipated the
restoration of Israel, and the Holy
Spirit rested on him. The Holy Spirit
revealed to him that he wouldn’t
die before he had seen the Lord’s
Christ. Led by the Spirit, he went
into the temple area.
Meanwhile, Jesus’ parents brought
the child to the temple so that they
could do what was customary under
the Law.
Simeon took Jesus in his arms and
praised God. He said, “Now, master,
let your servant go in peace
according to your word, because my
eyes have seen your salvation.
You prepared this salvation in the
presence of all peoples.
It’s a light for revelation to the
Gentiles and a glory for your people
Israel.” His father and mother were
amazed by what was said about him.
Simeon blessed them and said to
Mary his mother, “This boy is
assigned to be the cause of the
falling and rising of many in Israel
and to be a sign that generates
opposition so that the inner thoughts
of many will be revealed.
And a sword will pierce your innermost
being too.” There was also a prophet,
Anna the daughter of Phanuel, who
belonged to the tribe of Asher.
She was very old. After she married,
she lived with her husband for seven
years. She was now an 84-year-old
widow. She never left the temple
area but worshipped God with fasting
and prayer night and day.
She approached at that very moment
and began to praise God and to speak
about Jesus to everyone who was
looking forward to the redemption of

So the spirit lifted me up, and took
me away, and I went in bitterness, in
the heat of my spirit; but the hand of
the Lord was strong upon me
(Ezekiel 3:14).

This is another interesting operation of
the Spirit in the life of the believer.
The Holy Spirit can also divinely transport
you, physically, just as He did to Ezekiel.
A similar event is recorded in the New
Testament in Acts 8:39: “And when they
were come up out of the water, the Spirit
of the Lord caught away Philip, that the
eunuch saw him no more: and he went
on his way rejoicing.”
Remember, Philip was born again and
had the Holy Spirit in him. However, this
was another function of the Holy Spirit
coming from outside him. The Spirit of
the Lord carried Philip physically, and
took him somewhere else (Acts 8:40);
that’s some power! That’s the Spirit the
Lord Jesus was talking about when He
said, “Ye shall receive power, after
that the Holy Ghost is come upon you…”
(Acts 1:8). One of the many glorious
benefits of having the Holy Spirit live
in us is His ability to divinely transport
us such that He can achieve His purposes
on the earth through us.
2 Corinthians 13:14 says, “The grace of
the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of
God, and the communion of the Holy
Ghost, be with you all. Amen.” The word
translated “communion” is from the
Greek “koinonia” and it means, amongst
other synonyms, “Communication.”
Transportation is one of the systems
of communication.
The Apostle Paul was praying that
the Church would actively experience
divine Holy Ghost transportation.
Such manifestations are not limited to
the pages of the Bible. As you yield to
the Spirit and let Him have His way in
your life, there’s no telling how mightily
He would use you.
Beyond being physically moved by Him,
you can be divinely transported in the
spirit to accomplish divine tasks in
distant lands. Right in your closet, as
you pray by the Holy Ghost, you can
touch lives and change things thousands
of miles away! Don’t be too weak to pray,
because the Spirit desires to use you to
touch people and places beyond your
physical reach.
Elijah saw Gehazi -Sight
Elijah was told to go to Zarephat -hearing
Elijah outran a chariot by the power of
the Holy Spirit – Movement
Elijah went to meet Ahab in the vineyard
of Naboth – Moved
Elijah was carried by the wind
And Elijah is not as powerful as any
Holy Ghost filled believer

If you see a thousand books in the body
of Christ about the Believer and The
Holy Spirit, 999 of those books will be
titled “How to hear from God”
Believers ask that question always
“How do I hear from God?”
“How do I know it is not just my thoughts
but the Holy Spirit speaking
to me”
The emphasis on hearing from God is
a little “off” for a new testament believer
The Holy Spirit is no longer outside of
you so that he leads you by words only
He is inside of you and he is a person
This means all your senses are now His
to use to his good pleasure
He can
show you a vision or a sight
He can make you perceive a smell, a
fragrance or a stench if the sick or the
manifestation of the demonic is around
He can make you feel sensations in
your body, a tingling, a burning, a chilling
sensation, goose pimples, warmth etc
He can make you hear either audibly
or make an impression in your spirit
He can make you taste (sometimes the
tip of your tongue is on fire and you feel
the heat, sometimes the tip of your
tongue feels a sudden sharpness,
sometimes your tongues are heavy or
feels light
Sometimes your tongue just twists in
the place of prayer and you find yourself
speaking another kind of tongues or
even speaking a language you have
never spoken before in understanding
I remember meeting a lady once.
She was pregnant and came to see me
with her husband because the
pregnancy had been very challenging
As soon as i held her hands to pray
with her, I started speaking in tongues.
Suddenly she turned to her husband,
in the middle of prayer and said
“Just like the pastor said just now, I
am sorry. This baby is not yours.
I just don’t know how to tell you the
truth. I am very sorry.
I was as shocked as her husband.
‘What she heard while I was praying
was different from what I was saying.
What was hidden came into light and
the burden behind her affliction was
At another instance, I was in a church
after service and two ushers (male)
and (female) started exchanging heated
words right from the vestry
It was not unusual of the two of them
and the church had wondered for a while
how to stop their incessant quarrels.
They both never agree on anything, even
though they were both unmarried.
The brother came to me and said “Bro
can you see what sister so and so just
I wanted to open my mouth and say
“What did she do?”
but what came out of my mouth was
“You guys are sleeping with each other!”
He went on his knees immediately, a
spirit of repentance suddenly fell upon
The lady came out of the vestry too, saw
the two of us and fell on her knees crying.
I didn’t even say a word to her.
We prayed together and the burden of
shame and guilt was lifted
Within a year they were both married to
different partners and their homes are
still standing
Sometimes he moves you bodily
without any instruction, you just find
yourself on your knees praying or on
your feet walking somewhere or even
driving to a place as led by the spirit.
The inspirational gifts also come to us
as we are moved to write
poems, music, stories, instructions,
messages, prophecies, word of
knowledge, word of wisdom
Why limit yourself to hearing from the
Holy Spirit only when you can be fully
subject to him in every manner of
Audrey Mack told the story of how she
had to break her engagement by the
instruction of the Holy Spirit.
She said she she didn’t know why she
was told to walk away from the
relationship a few months to the wedding
She said after the breakup, she locked
herself in a room to pray in the spirit
After three days of praying and stirring
herself up in the Holy Ghost, the Holy
Spirit said pack your bag and go to
She said she packed her bag and went
to the airport
She bought a ticket to Florida where
she had some relatives
She felt the Holy Spirit was asking her
to go spend some time with
her relatives away from her current
She got to Florida
Her relatives were
in church
She got to their church
She saw a man teaching a group of
After the teaching, the man walked up
to her and the Holy Spiritsaid “This is
your husband”
The man was a widower, he had been
praying that God would bring his wife
The church had been trying to
matchmake him with another lady
and he was already considering it
But the moment he saw her, the Holy
Spirit told him, that is your wife
They are happily married now and
doing great exploits for the gospel
She was moved bodily into destiny
I have found myself moved
several times to do great and mighty
feats by the Holy Spirit
It had gotten to a point where I have
come to realize that the inconveniences
we experience on a journey like a flat
tyre or branching at a petrol station
to get some fuel are sometimes divinely
I was once on my way to Iyana Ipaja
in Lagos to see a friend, I set out very
early in the morning.
I got to a point and i had a flat tyre.
I looked for a vulcanizer to fix the car.
I found one but he was not there. His
phone number was boldly written by
his shop. I called the number
and somebody picked it.
I was told he was sick.
He went for a party the previous night
and on his way home got bitten by a
poisonous rat.
He had developed rite bite fever and
nobody knew what to do. Luckily, his
‘house was not far from the shop and
i went there to pray with him.
He got healed immediately and was
strong enough afterward to fix my tyre.
He was an unbeliever but he gave his
life to Jesus that morning with some
other members of his household.
I have been moved all the way from
Lagos to Ilorin before to pray for a
70-year-old woman for her
healing on her birthday
I have been moved by the Holy Spirit to
pray for a lady that had been afflicted
on some charms meant for ritual
purposes at a location far away from
my house in Lagos state.
She came into Lagos from the east and
I was moved to drive until i got to a point
where a security man approached me
and asked if i was a pastor.
He took me to the lady and she was
made whole.
The Bible recorded that Jesus was
moved by the Holy Spirit into the
wilderness and Steven was moved by
the Holy Spirit to speak!
In was once in my office, a colleague
showed me a video on his phone, it was
the video of a young girl being molested
and i had asplitting headache immediately.
My eyes were streaming tears and my
body was shaking.
I started praying and rebuking the sudden
onset of affliction.
The Holy Spirit said to me “Why did
you show me an abomination?”
I apologized and the affliction stopped!
He sees the world through our eyes!
It is the extent to which you desire the
Holy Spirit to walk with you that He will
It is best to yield the whole of yourself
let his fullness dwell in you bodily

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There is no better life than one lived
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