April 9, 2021



No longer am I looking for you in Omotanwa.
I found you, Chosen you and I call you Erin.

I call Erin Beloved because I Love her.
I call Erin Light because she Shines.
I call Erin a Dispenser of my Eternal Verities.
I call Erin King to rule and reign.
I call Erin Priest because she fellowships with me.

I call Erin Wise because I am her Wisdom.
I call Erin Strong because I am her Strength.
I call Erin Knowledgeable because I teach her.
I call Erin Seer because I show her.
I call Erin Hearer because she hears when I Speak.
I call Erin Doer because she does my will.

I call Erin Blessed because she is a Blessing.
I call Erin authorised because I gave her Authority.
I call Erin Powerful because I Empower her.
I call Erin righteous because I am her righteousness.
I call Erin Child because I am her Father.

I call Erin favoured because she pleases me.
I call Erin a Living Stone because she builds my Temple.
I call Erin her the Salt of the Earth to add flavour to the Earth.
I call Erin Fruitful because I am her Fruitful Vine.
I call Erin prosperous because I am her Prosperity.


I call Erin my Minister because she is my Flame of Fire.
I call Erin Prophet because she Prophesies for me.
I call Erin my Sanctuary because I dwell in her.
I call Erin Peaceful because I am her Peace.

I call Erin Heir because I am the King of Zion.
I call Erin Joint Heir because I am the Firstborn.
I call Erin Spirit because she are born of my Spirit.
I call Erin Complete because I complete her.

She pleases me and makes me Smile, so, I can her Erin.
I will continue to make you Smile, Erin.
Because, you also make my people Smile. 😊

I Agree with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.
So, I call me Erin; A Life Giving Spirit.

And you can call me Erin too.


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