Enchantment be Gone

August 3, 2021


Sir, I have a testimony. My husband, the father
of my five children had been away from us for
six years.
His mother married another wife for him and
built a house for him and his wife at Lekki
because she hated my tribe
I have prayed sir and fasted
I know he loves me but something was done
to him
That woman he is living with called him yesterday
evening and said my husband should return to
me and my children, she even drove him
down to our house and told him she was sorry
Sir, since he left this house which he built himself,
he had never been here
He avoided this place like a plague
When he came in he saw me and the children in
the sitting room
We were praying at that time when you said we
should bless other people
I couldn’t believe my eyes
Sir, my mother-in-law was the first person in
our house this morning
She handed over all the documents of my
husband’s inheritance to him
and said she was sorry
She said she was mandated by some people
to do what she did but since the lady was
the one that walked away she is free of the
oath she swore to them
I cannot believe my eyes.
Look at the picture i have sent you with this
testimony sir, that is my husband and the
children eating together in one bowl
It was what my husband said he wanted,
he said he wanted to make up for the lost
years by binding with the children
My joy is full
Thank you brother Gbenga

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