Egyptian Blues

February 10, 2021


(Genesis 12: 10-20)

As the aircraft taxied on the runway, he
pulled his wife close. “Hey, babe. I just
thought of something…”
The wife turned and looked at him.
“What, darling?”
“I heard the President of this country
is a chronic womanizer. He chases any
woman he sees. I am worried if he
sees you, he would want to have you…”

His wife laughed! “Seriously?
At my age? Come on, Sweetheart!
When did you start becoming insecure?
Come off it!”
The husband went on, “Well, the news
I heard would worry any husband.
I just want you to be careful…”
“Careful? How? I don’t get you.”
“I understand the President has
spies who go about the city, looking
for beautiful women to recommend
to him.
You know you are a very beautiful woman…”
“I am also 65 years old, remember?
There are enough young ladies in
this country- I honestly don’t expect
any randy President to see me as a
prospective Side Chick!”

What she said made sense: the average
randy man wouldn’t chase a 65 year old
But he still wasn’t comfortable with the idea.
If only there was no famine in their
country, they wouldn’t have immigrated
to Egypt.

But here they were…

They checked into their hotel that
evening and rested.
The wife wanted them to go out to
explore the new environment: “let’s go
sight-seeing”, she suggested.
“I’m tired, Darling. We are going to be
here for a while, we can always do
that some other time”, the husband
Actually, he wanted to find out all
he could about the President- he
didn’t want any surprises!
He went online, reading all the blogs
and news on the President, especially
about his womanizing escapades.
He was surprised there was so much
This guy had no scruples doing what
he does- he wasn’t even discreet
about it!

Next morning, they decided to go to the
restaurant for breakfast.
The husband asked his wife to wear a veil.
“Please, darling.
Just do it!” She obliged him.
They went to the restaurant in the
basement for breakfast.
She had to take off the veil to eat.
Then it happened: someone brought
out his phone and took a picture of her!
Another guy did same! And another…
The husband was agitated!
“Hey! Why are you taking her picture?
This is illegal!”
The photographer laughed!
“She’s a beautiful woman, sir- and
she’s in a public place. I haven’t
broken any laws- this is EGYPT, bro!”
It dawned on him the laws of his country
does not extend here.
In his country, you don’t take people’s
pictures without their consent.
In Egypt, the laws are different…

Later that night, they sat on the balcony
of the hotel enjoying the fresh air.
Suddenly, 3 vehicles drove in at
frightening speed and 8 men came
out of 2 of them.
The third seemed to carry a very
important person.
The men entered the hotel.
A few minutes later, there was a knock
on their door!
The man and his wife looked at each
other: they had a sense of foreboding.
They opened the door and there were
the men that just entered the hotel!
One who seemed to be the spokesman
said, “Good evening, sir. Are you
two married?”
The couple looked at each other.
“Erm… No- she’s my sister”, the man replied.
“Good! The President sent us.
He asked us to bring her to the Presidential
Palace immediately!”

He watched as these men carried his
wife away to meet another man: the
man with a bad reputation with women!
What he feared just happened to him!
He had no idea what to do.
He couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t eat.
He tried calling his wife, her phone
was switched off.
It had been off since she was taken
It was torture, imagining what was
going on with his wife and the President…

He managed to fall asleep around 4am.
But he was jolted awake by a loud knock
on his door by 8am!
What is wrong with this country, he
Everyday with its own trouble!
He opened the door to see the same
men that carried his wife away about
12 hours earlier.
They have come to take him to the
Palace also, they told him.
He went with them, wondering what
would happen to him.

As he was ushered into the President’s
presence. He noticed he was quiet and
somehow scared! “Good morning,
your Excellency…” The President looked up:
“Why didn’t you tell me she is your wife?
Why are you so wicked?”
The husband was shocked.
He didn’t know what to say.
“I was s-s-scared your Excellency, he
stammered. “I didn’t know what you
would do to me if you know she’s my
The President looked at him.
Somehow, the man felt he had an
encounter that rattled him. “Please take
your wife and go! Just go, please!
I don’t want any trouble…!”

His wife was brought in a few minutes
“There she is.
Please be informed nothing happened
between us.
Her presence in my Palace for the past
few hours has brought untold hardship
on me, my family and my administration.
I don’t know who you are, but you are
apparently not an ordinary man.
Please take your wife and leave: the
hours she’s spent in my Palace are
the worst I’ve ever lived!
Go your way and leave my country,
And they were both escorted out of
the Presidential Palace back to their
hotel. They packed their stuff, checked
out and headed to the airport in the
Presidential Motorcade.

A few minutes later, they were airborne,
heading back to their country…

Haruna Daniels

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