Dropping Stones!

August 3, 2021


I’m not sure if people still share testimonies, but I really wanted to share this one with someone, and I thought of you.
A week and a half ago my cousin fell sick, she had some pain in her stomach and was admitted to the hospital. I was unable to pray with her over the phone due to data and network issues.
So I just prayed by myself in my room.  As I was praying I imagined her on the sick bed she was in and myself laying my hand on her stomach and speaking healing to her body.
After that, I thanked the Lord and I forgot about it.
This morning something odd happened, I was singing in the shower (I never do)… well it felt like an entire worship session ??
I was singing in the Spirit and in between I kept sing “the balm in Gilead, the balm in Gilead, it flows it flows it flows” – it was a healing song. It felt good. I was not sure whose healing it was but I just thanked God for it.
My cousin shared pictures and VNs of what looked like green hard stones that dropped from her body in the morning. She got healed and is completely fine and sounds so alive.
Gosh ?
I’m thanking God and shocked at the same time… like what – such things are so wild!!
All glory and praise to the Lord????
I could send the pics but would rather have your consent first in case you are sensitive. Let me know if you want to see.



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