Don’t Leave This Site

May 24, 2021


(Psalm 118:22)

I am an architect.
I have worked on sites several times.
I understand construction.
So, when I read scripture, I try to picture what I read in real life.

This scripture says, “THE STONE the builders rejected has become the HEADSTONE”.
It tells a story I will explain, using construction principles…

Work is about to start on a site.
A house is to be constructed.
Construction time is 2 years.
All stones gathered on the site, hoping to be used.

Work commenced: First thing is the FOUNDATION.
The trenches were dug.
The engineer sorted out the stones.
He picked the ones good for the foundation.
The others were rejected.
Including THE STONE.

Some stones were upset for being rejected.
They left the site for others, hoping they would be useful there.

Work continued.
The foundation was laid, the floor slab was cast.
Next: the WALLS.
The engineer rates the stones.
He picked the ones he needed for the walls.
He rejected the others.
Including THE STONE.

Some of these stones got angry!
“What is wrong with this engineer?
Can’t he see we are very valuable stones?
Apparently, he’s a quack!
How could any intelligent engineer see ME and pick THAT?
And they stormed off the site in a huff.

After 20 months, the construction got to the ROOF.
The engineer looked around.
He picked the stones for the roof. He needed just 100 stones.
He picked the 100 he needed.
He rejected the rest.
Including THE STONE.

They were all disappointed.
After 20 months!
We have wasted our time, they thought.
Let’s go elsewhere, maybe we’d be lucky.
They left.

The roof was built.
But there is a mistake!
The engineer realized he picked 99 stones!
He was sure he counted 100.
He looked around.

And THE STONE was just the right shape and size!
The engineer quickly carried THE STONE and placed on top of the building.
THE STONE sat there, the cynosure of all eyes.
It was worth the wait…

If THE STONE had been picked earlier, it would have been in the FOUNDATION, hidden from sight.
If it had bee picked when the WALL was being constructed, it would have been inside a wall, somewhere inside the building to be seen only by those who entered it.
But it was picked last, placed on the top of the ROOF, like the jewel on a crown, seen and noticed by all.

THE STONE the builders rejected has become the HEADSTONE.
The reason it happened is simple: THE STONE REMAINED ON SITE.

If it had left the site, it never would have become the HEADSTONE.

This reminds me of a young man. RYAN MASON.
He was a footballer, playing for Tottenham Hotspurs FC of London.
In 2017, aged 25 he had an accident on the field: he fractured his skull.
The doctors did their best for him.
But despite the available technology and advancement in sports medicine, they had to give him a grim verdict in 2018: “Sorry, mate: your football career is over. You cannot play football again.”
His contract with the club was canceled.
But Ryan Mason stayed on site!
He remained with the club.
He was visible around.
The club hired a coach, Jose Mourinho.
He was sacked a few weeks ago.

The club needed a coach to take over from The Sacked One.
But they could not find one: all other coaches were already with one club or the other.
Suddenly, the club remembered: RYAN MASON!
He’s been around for a while:
Let’s give him a chance.
At 29 years of age, Ryan Mason became the coach of Tottenham Hotspurs FC of London.
Some of the players are older than him.
Some are probably more experienced than him.
Some probably have been with the club for much longer.

But he is the HEADSTONE.
Those who never knew Ryan Mason the footballer now know Ryan Mason the COACH:
THE STONE the builders rejected has become THE HEADSTONE.

Moral of the story: Whenever and wherever you are rejected, don’t leave the site: you were rejected because it’s not your time. God does not want you to be in the foundation: He wants you to be where you will have more visibility. He wants you to be the HEADSTONE.
But you can only be remembered if you don’t leave the site!
May we not leave the site too early. May impatience and anger not be out ruin.


Haruna Daniels

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