Doing Better

February 8, 2022


They were her first two children or
shall we say her first two living children
She gave birth to the first in 1950
She birthed the second in 1957
In between them, she had three children
but they were all stillbirths
For the first child, she went to the local
herbalist to check his future
She was told he would be poor and
mostly unsuccessful in life
The second child however was revealed
to be the rich one
The blessed one
Her husband was a believer, he loved all
his children
She didn’t tell him what she discovered
when she went to consult the runes of
He would be very upset with her for doing
such a thing
She really wanted to love the two children
equally but she realized she couldn’t
The one that was revealed as poor was
blunt, uncontrollable, and unyielding
The boy just couldn’t stand her
The second son was more like her
He was gentle and very dear to her heart
He was exceptionally brilliant too, a
mathematics prodigy
The runes were right
The second son was a millionaire by the
age of 29
He had studied electrical engineering
and gotten a job with NEPA
By the time he was 30, he was married
And Expecting children while his older
brother was still struggling to get a
The older one had traveled to Lagos at 13
His father, her husband, decided the
favouritism she was showing the younger
one was too much and could affect the
older one negatively
He sent his son to live with his younger
brother in Lagos
He felt that would give the young boy
some balance
Of course, it didn’t
The younger brother’s wife turned the boy
to a housemaid and made him attend
evening school while he hawked palm oil
for her in the morning
He got a job as a clerk at
The railway at 18 and worked his way out
of that house
By the time he did evening school and started
writing jamb, his younger brother had traveled
abroad and built two houses
Just the way the runes predicted
She hated to see it but her husband kept
working hard to support the unfortunate son
He would give anything to support this son
to achieve the next thing in life which for
him were so effortful and in her opinion was
like flogging a dead horse
At 40 this son got a first degree and was
advised to proceed to M.Sc
He did
To pay his M.Sc fees, his father sold three
of his big goats and a ram
His mother almost had an apoplectic shock
Somehow he did it
Slow and steady but he got a PhD at 47
His father was proud of him
His mother didn’t know what the big deal
was (She was a non-literate) and saw little
value in education
He got married at 48
His younger one already had two teenagers
by this time
He had taken it slowly and it had paid off
He started working as a lecturer with a
federal university
He started traveling abroad, living the
good life
His mother still didn’t see anything
good in him
She would say to whoever cared to hear
it that “Her one and true son was the
prodigy and the other was just someone
who came to slave in this world
The younger son lost his job
He was arrested by a govt agency
because he got involved in some illegal
He was thrown in jail for two years
His mother cried over and over again
When the second son was eventually
released from prison he had lost
The job, the fame, the money, the houses
The older brother continued to wax stronger
in life, career and marriage
In that two years while his
brother was imprisoned the older one had
built his first house and settled down to
life in a glorious way
But he didn’t forget the things his mother
said and did to him
Her words cut him to the quick all the time
A few years later, their father died
He recalled the days of suffering and
How his father held on to him to in his
passing moment
He decided he would do something great
to immortalise his father
He raised some money and decided to build
a public library
His mother and siblings came around for
the launch
The event started
He told his story
Thanked God for all that he had seen
and said “His father was the best
His mother became uncomfortable with
the flowery talk
She said “You brought your father to life
by your words and I could as well be dead”
He tried to explain to her that it was not
intended to be that way
He just wanted to celebrate his father
His mother was livid
She refused to greet him or accept his gifts
When the ground-breaking for the
project was over, his younger brother
sent him a message asking why he
treated their mother so disparagingly
His younger brother said “That is
The greatest woman that we will ever
have as our mother
Be grateful”
He laughed
He understood what his younger brother
was saying
He saw one side of their mother while
he was shown the other
The runes were wrong,
he rejected stone became the chief corner
This woman backed the wrong candidate
to succeed and even though he did, it
didn’t last
It is the blessing of the older one that
the entire family is depending on
Rather than apologize, the woman is
claiming the son is an ingrate for not
treating her like the best mother
In the world
The younger brother is also angry that
his older brother is not treating their
mother like the best mother in the world
He sent his older brother a message a
few days ago via WhatsApp
The brother got offended and wrote
the younger brother a letter reminding
him of how their mother treated him
like a slave while she showered all her
love on him.
He said he had been giving her monthly
allowance and ensuring she is comfortable
but he wouldn’t pretend she was what
she was not.
The younger brother called the brother
in Jeans and T-shirt.
He didn’t want his mother to be sad
over the issue and he knew his brother
was upset
A meeting was called and the Holy Spirit
stepped into the matter
The mother told the story and apologized
for believing the runes
The older son forgave his mother and the
three of them met the
Holy Spirit.
(Their father had died in 2002, at that time
the older brother was still poor
He said they didn’t even give him a
canopy to host his friends when his
father died because he couldn’t contribute
enough money!)
The Holy Spirit took over and all the
hatchets were buried!

PS: Parents must learn to do better
We all must.

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