When The Sheep Barks

May 3, 2021


Some gypsies walked into the chapel at
Charis Bible college
The ladies were always almost naked
The men had tattoos and grown unkempt hair
Andrew Wommack said he didnt change his
sermon because of them
He continued to preach the gospel
Day in day out
But the ladies in the church became
uncomfortable and started grumbling
He said he told his wife to tell them not
to become stumbling blocks to the salvation
of others but to embrace everyone Christ
has deemed fit to come to Him
He said for six months the gypsies continued
to come as they are and the church members
loved and related with them as equals
Without any judgment
One day one of the gypsy ladies approached
Andrew’s wife and said “I like the way you ladies
dress, i will like to dress that way too but i dont
have any fancy clothes”
He said his wife quickly organized clothes for
that gypsy and others started changing too
That is the power of the gospel
The change must come from within
Rev. Ajetumobi said he went to Bahamas
He and his wife wore suits to church
When they got to church everyone was
scantily dressed
After service the pastor called him and
asked him where he was from
He told the pastor he was the head of a
missionary outfit in Nigeria
He said the pastor had tattoos and
and all
The pastor said “Nobody will listen to you
if you dress like that”
He got the message and it helped him a
lot in his ministry
If we reduce Christianity to mode of dressing
we will soon be accommodating witches
in long gowns and disdaining spirit-filled
people who are still outgrowing a previous
Jesus never preached clothes or garments
The Pharisees and Sadducees did and were
very far from the Kingdom
You are of no help to the kingdom by
preaching an adulterated gospel
Is the Holy Spirit incapable of changing
people without your help?
Evangelists are specially trained to adapt
to the leading of the Holy Spirit at all times
How can evangelists be the ones talking
about clothes impeding you from ministering
the gospel
Especially what you wear to preach
Or what the person you’re preaching to
is wearing
There are mission fields where the people
being ministered to walk about naked
If you cannot minister the gospel to them
as one who is dead to the works of the
flesh then you really have no business
ministering the gospel
Will anyone pay attention to a naked
prostitute preaching the gospel?
Of course not
If the prostitute is all covered up will
people not listen to her?
Possibly and most likely
Does the clothing then make the prostitute
a saint?
No way
Let us not walk in the light of our carnal
If a believer dresses like a prostitute to
minister to prostitutes,
will her message not be heard?
We were in Sokoto when a missionary told
us that because she went to the mission
field with her own stove, people refused
to listen to her
They said they can’t listen to someone
who will not eat the food they offer her
Were we not called to becoming all things
to all men like Jesus did?
If we will preach the gospel to only decently
dressed people, it means we will be preaching
to church members only
The world has 7 billion people with thousands
of cultures
The one culture you have is local to you and
alien to another
If you will win the world, you must set your
cultural standards apart
and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading
You dont have a personal kindgom you are winning
souls into
The standard of the Kingdom of Heaven remains
the same
Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour,
Receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and
Walk in the light!
Was Zaccheus a Holy man?
Was Mary Madgalene
a saint when Jesus met her?
Was Jesus the typical religious leader too?
Was he wearing a leather attire like
John the Baptist?
Was he wearing any religious garb?
He dressed like the commoners and mingled with
If some of us were there when the lady with
the alabster box came for Jesus, we will be
thinking and gossiping all sorts of evil in our hearts
A mixed gospel is always evident in the life of its preacher
He or she will be like snake, double tongued!
Saying one thing while meaning another because
his or her gospel is not pure
Christians are always known for the consistency of their
message and its transforming reality
What then is the difference in christianity and
Islam or any other religion if it all came down to
what you are wearing?
Please let us be spirit-led and Christ conscious
Put aside vain communications and hold fast to
that which is true
Apostle Paul shaved his head and went into the
temple to pray like a Jew, yet the Jews arrested
him and almost killed him
God knows those who are His own too,
regardless of what they wear or do not wear
Finally, somebody asked me a question a few
days ago
He took the question from the book of Genesis
He said What did God mean when
He said Man has become like Us
knowing good and evil…
Many of us use google map to drive when we
find ourselves in an unfamiliar territory
Imagine that you typed a destination on google
map and the map began to direct you
After some time, you find yourself in a
familiar area
You now know the way but you have not
gotten to your destination
The map has led you out of the unfamiliar
territory to a familiar one
It is therefore no longer useful to you
If you leave it on, it becomes a
nuisance and consumes your data
So you switch it off
You have your “own” knowledge now and
you do not need its guidance anymore
So it has become useless to you at that
That was what God was referring to
Adam and Eve had eaten the forbidden
fruit and their eyes had been opened
They no longer needed the modeling,
leading and the guidance of God
They have gained independence
A believer can never be independent
from the Holy Spirit
Your dressing, manner of speaking,
approach to life and relationships must
always be guided by the Holy Spirit
Whether you eat or drink, you do all
things to the glory of God
This is what it means to be a believer
The moment you introduce religion
to Christianity, you begin to create
hypocrites who pretend to be what
they are not by dressing and looking
the part but not being transformed
from within
Apostle Paul refer to such people as
They are part of the group
The shepherd, the sheep and the
shepherd’s dog
The dogs can never learn to become
the sheep
They can bark and make run and
make all sorts of noise but they can
never be sheep
You cannot teach dogs the way of
the sheep
It simply cannot learn it and yet
it is always going to be in the flock
running and playing around while
unable to do what is required of the
So when you have believers who claim
to be Christians but are behaving and
talking and teaching like unbelievers,
you know for sure you have dogs in
the fold






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