Divine Perks

August 20, 2021


Good morning Bro. Gbenga.

I’d wondered how to share this, but I’ll share it anyway.
Last night you mentioned that you do not take anything the Spirit does for granted.
I do not take this for granted…

Since marriage in 2009, I’ve had 5 pregnancies, 2 live births and 3 miscarriages.
The first miscarriage was before our daughters came and two more after them.

The second miscarriage in 2015 was particularly the most painful because I was in my 7th month & it was a boy. I had specifically asked God for this boy and I knew the Lord heard. We had thought he would be the full stop.

After this was another miscarriage in 2017, and since then, nothing…no pregnancy at all.

People were beginning to ask me if we were okay with just 2. I would just say to them that it was in God’s hands because everything humanly possible to do, we were doing (sincerely sir, if it were possible to get pregnant every month, then we should qualify).

After the loss of our son, I was asking God for a double replacement, identical twin boys to be precise (I still am) …. though sometimes I wasn’t consistent in the place of prayers.

Another thing I’d done all these years was to hold on to the items for a boy child that I had acquired over the years. I tried not to give them out, apart from a few exceptions. I did give out neutral items of clothing and feminine ones too.

As I got older, I began to wonder if God was somehow telling me no. I would reason that, after all, we had 2, some were still looking for 1. Someone had even asked subtly, as far back as 2015, that ‘what am I still looking for in child bearing?’

I’m 43, hubby 52, and I would sometimes wonder that in our supposed ‘retirement years,’ we could still have children in school, and all that….(You know how the human mind works, trying to rationalize everything)…
I remember sometime in March 2020, I experienced a breast discharge and went to the hospital for tests.
The Doctor ordered a mammogram and some hormonal tests.
As a result of the lockdown and some delays on my part too, (somewhat scared of the outcome) I didn’t go for the results till December 2020.
The results of the hormonal tests were basically consistent with infertility.
Just so you understand how quickly this has happened.
PSSBC 10 started July 1st.
My last monthly period was July 9th, and when I started to feel funny early this month, I wondered if it could be true that I was pregnant and YES, it is true. I confirmed with a test kit.
At this point, I’m not scared about anything again.
I’m convinced that the Eternal One, who has made this possible, is able to keep and perfect ALL.
And you know sir, for me this is just one of many perks..
What I desire more than anything is a deep fellowship with the Holy Spirit, all that it entails, and living the supernatural life. That’s why I stayed on after the period in June. I remember asking my boss if PSSBC was worth it and she remarked that it was.

This is an encouragement for me, and I hope it …
I missed this portion out initially..

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