Desperate Alternatives

March 2, 2022


Desperation in a Christian leads him
or her to make foolish decisions.
We all react to pressure in
different ways, especially when it
comes to marriage, making money or
getting a child.

I have seen many Christians tow
the path of destruction in the
name of mundane fulfillment to
the point where they paid steep
prices and still ended up empty
handed or in many cases worse
off than they were before they
decided to abandon the gospel,
jump ship and then drown in
the devil’s lie.

I met a lady on Twitter,
a single sister in her thirties
who in a bid to have a child
left the church and started consulting
spiritualists and juju men!
She eventually met a man who made a
for her which she ate and began
to bloat up in the tummy.

She went to several hospitals for
antenatal and scan but was told
what was in her tummy was
not a baby. Nobody knew what
it was but her tummy kept
getting bigger and the juju man
convinced her it was a spiritual
baby that cannot be seen by
doctors or scanning machines.
He encouraged her to keep coming
to his place every week for
herbs and other things.
She did this faithfully.

After nine months, she was
supposed to deliver her baby.
The juju man told her to
pay five million Naira into
his account, He said if she
didn’t do this, she would die.
He also told her that if
she went to any other juju
man for help or even to the
hospital for a solution,
she would surely die.

This woman had a piece of land
in Lekki. She began to look
for a buyer. Her boyfriend,
the one that got her “pregnant”
was told by the same herbalist
to pay five million Naira or die
the moment the lady delivers her
mysterious baby.

Boyfriend went to a church to
pray. The pastor of the church
told him since he is not married
to the woman, there was no
legal ground for his death or
affliction but warned him to stop
seeing the lady or visiting the juju man.
The boyfriend gathered some money
and fled the country.

The woman was left at the
mercy of this wicked juju man.
Someone heard the story and
sent me a DM narrating the
ordeal to me. I asked for
the woman’s phone number.
I called her after introducing myself,
I asked her if she is a believer,
she said yes.”Are you filled
with the Holy Spirit?” I asked
She got angry. She said she
has been speaking in tongues probably
much longer than I have. I begged
her to calm down and asked her
what she desired.

She said she wanted to raise
the five million so that she can
deliver. I said “You’re not
pregnant, this is a demonic ploy
to take away all your
resources. She said “I cannot
answer you yes or no until
I pay the man and deliver,
then I will know if this is
a scam or not. Can you help
me raise the money? That is
what I need, not deliverance,
not prayer, not advice”
I said I cannot help her
with the money. She ended
the call!

She eventually sold the land
at a very cheap price and paid
the man the five million. The man
told her to come and see him
the following Saturday with
baby things.
He promised her she would deliver.
When she got there, she learnt
the man had been arrested by
the police for being a part
of a baby factory ring (Baby
factories are a thing in some
part of Nigeria. Teenagers and
desperate women get paid to get
pregnant and when they deliver
their babies are sold to desperate
or in some cases, they don’t
get paid at all and the baby
gets stolen after delivery.
She began to cry.

Her tummy was still bloated and
there was no remedy. She called
me several times. I eventually picked.
“Please I want this tummy to come
down so that I can enjoy my life”
she pleaded. I told her we
have to pray. She said but
what if there is a baby
in my tummy? I don’t want
the belly to go down,
I want to deliver a baby.
What will I tell all my friends
especially after carrying this big
belly for several months?

I cannot go empty-handed.
If we pray and the belly
comes down how do I explain that?
Can you ask God to turn this
to a baby if it is not one?
If you cannot I think I will
wait for this man to be

He is a good man and
this police issue is just the
devil trying to rob me of my
breakthrough. Can you pray
that God will intervene so that
he will be released for my sake?
I need to carry this baby!
I shook my head in wonder.
She was no longer seeing
things as they really are.
That was quite a shame.
I told her I cannot help her
if all she is asking me to do
is complete the work an agent
of darkness started.
There was no baby in her
womb! She ended the call again!

The person that introduced her
to me sent me a message
asking me why I have refused
to help the lady.
I told this person the whole truth.
This person started crying, saying
the juju man had messed up the
lady’s mind
Eventually, the lady died.
Her desperate need to have
a baby led her to the grave
and she is not the only one
who has been driven into trouble
by desperation.

Men and women put them
in such positions everyday
Making the things that do not
matter in the grand scheme of
things the focus of their life.
It is a good thing to be rich,
become a parent and
be successful in life.

There is a godly way to go
about it and there is also
an ungodly way. Once you leave
the table of the Lord for idols,
you have chosen a path.
There is no joy in that path,
only sorrow and endless pain.
It is best that we learn
these things and walk in them
than become victims.

A dry morsel with peace is
always better than a house
full of silver and gold with
Demons are nothing but liars
Always remember this!
• • •

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