April 21, 2021


(Esther Chapters 1-2)

It is the International Women’s Day.
The Queen is to give a speech by 8am that
The entire Nation is eagerly waiting to
hear her.
She was just crowned Queen 3 months ago,
so this would be her 1st public outing.
Her face has been splashed on all
newspapers, magazines and online blogs.
She is not loved by all, but everybody
agree on one thing: She IS beautiful!
The King really took time to pick her
as Queen.
He had several options, but she won
his heart above them all.
She was not only the most beautiful,
she was also the smartest.
And that combination (beauty and
brains) was very rare in his Kingdom.
Having both made it quite easy for
him to settle for her.

At 8am, the television and radio stations
start the broadcast live.
All 127 states in his vast kingdom are
tuned in. As she speaks, her speech is
translated to over 60 languages.
Her voice is sonorous and soothing.
Those who did not like her before then
fall in love with her.
She speaks for 30 minutes about her
plans for the women in the country.
She speaks about unity in diversity.
She speaks about patriotism as a bond
to hold all women together.
Everybody nods in agreement as she
The King is watching in the Palace,
his heart filled with pride.
Her 1st public outing is a success!

In that same moment, the former
Queen is watching from her friend’s
She had been depressed for the
past 6 months when she was deposed
as Queen.
She had been squatting with her
friends who took turns at housing her:
she spends 2 weeks with each of them.
As the new queen speaks, her heart is
filled with anger and regret.
This time last year, she was the one
giving the International Women’s Day
She was the cynosure of all eyes,
the center of attraction.
She had been Queen for 3 years
before then.
She would have still been Queen if
only she had not listened to her friends!
How could she have been so stupid!
She had it all, but she lost it. Because
she listened to the wrong counsel.
Her mind drifts back to the day she
lost her crown…

Her husband was the King.
He had married her a few years
before he became King.
And he was a good man, a great King!
She lacked nothing, he never refused
her anything she asked for.
She was fulfilled and happy.
She was the envy of her friends and
all women.
They all considered her very lucky to
be the First Lady.
Three years into his reign, the King
decided to throw a Party.
It lasted for 6 whole months!
When this was over, he threw another
party in the palace for his noblemen,
close associates, family, friends and
And as Queen, she also had her own
party for her friends and family.

On the 7th day, he sent for her to
show come display her beauty for his
friends and associates.
As the men the king sent gave her the
message to come over to see the King,
one of her friends said, “Seriously?
Your husband wants to display you
like a trophy? Rubbish!”
Another friend said, “I don’t get it: are
you a prize or something?
What is wrong with your husband- is
he drunk?”
The Queen looked around the women
with her: they were all resolute in
their stance.
Do not go! Women are NOT to be
Women are not trophies to be displayed!
What arrant nonsense!
She turned to the messengers:
“Tell him I am NOT coming!”
The messengers were shocked!
The Queen is refusing the King’s
Feminism has entered the Palace!

They hurried out of the Queen’s
chambers to report to the King.
He could not believe his ears.
He was angry and embarrassed!
She defied him before his close
associated and noblemen!

He removed her as Queen the
next day.

She had nowhere to go, she had to
go squat with her friends who took
turns to accommodate her.
The King stripped her of everything:
her crown, her dignity, her all.
She became a recluse.
She lost a lot of weight.
She became a shadow of herself.
She entered depression.
And to make things worse, the King
got himself another Queen a few
months later.

The new Queen is the one giving the
speech to mark the International
Women’s Day now…

As the former Queen watches with
her friends, one of them says, This
Queen is definitely not as beautiful
as you, Babe. You are much more
beautiful than her! Shes just an
The former Queen turns to look at
her: “Seriously? What did you just say?”
“Sorry, I was just trying to make
you feel better…”
“I would have been much better if
I didn’t listen to your damn advice!
You made me lose my crown with
your stupid advice and now you
say this?”
“Hey, don’t try pin your misfortune
on me! Nobody forced you to do
anything, you were not under any
obligation to take anybody’s advice!
And besides, who would have
thought your husband would have
kicked you out for that?
Whoever knew he was that crazy?”
The former Queen shakes her head
and hissed. “If only I had not
listened to you. If only I hadn’t…”

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